July 2014 ELANews

Posted on: Wed 02 Jul, 2014

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Mike Ward laughs in both languages

Posted on: Mon 21 Jul, 2014

Mike Ward grew up in Quebec City, the offspring of an anglophone father and a francophone mother. Bicultural through and through, his comedy career has taken place largely in French, but he recently got a chance to show his dual roots at Just for Laughs' Les Anglos gala. According to La Presse, he ended up stealing the show.

His lighthearted approach to the question of language and culture in his home province is on full display in this interview with La Presse, conducted ahead of the gala. Ward jokes, «J'étais plus anglo à Québec et, à Montréal, je suis plus franco. Aujourd'hui, plus personne ne me juge, mais c'est peut-être parce que je passe à la télé!» ("I was more anglo in Quebec City and in Montreal I'm more franco. Now, nobody judges me anymore, but maybe that's because I'm on TV!"). He also takes the opportunity to dispel three common stereotypes of anglos, squeezing in a jab at Toronto mayor Rob Ford and defending Albertans while he's at it.

Click here to be entertained by the full interview.

Louise Penny gives Bishop's University convocation address

Posted on: Wed 09 Jul, 2014

Louise Penny, author of several bestselling mystery novels, recently received an honorary doctorate of civil law from Bishop's University. The village in which her Inspector Armand Gamache books take place, Three Pines, is patterned after the sense of place found in the Eastern Townships, where Penny is based and where Bishop's University is also located.

In her convocation address, Penny offers her thoughts on success, aspiration, and hard work, but she also offers some striking observations on her personal journey with alcoholism. See below for the full speech.

Between the Pages: Montreal's literary scene under the microscope

Posted on: Fri 04 Jul, 2014

Between the Pages is a new show featuring Montreal-based writer Dimitri Nasrallah in the host's chair. In an episode filmed recently at the Atwater Library, Nasrallah sits down with local scribes Heather O'Neill and Christopher DiRaddo, along with Programming Director of the Blue Metropolis Festival, Gregory McCormick.

As Nasrallah says in his introduction, "we look to writers to update the urban landscapes of our imaginations, and Montreal is no exception." This half-hour episode dives into literary representations of the city's linguistic and cultural mix, and how writers' stories have been marked and shaped by Montreal's own stories.

See the full video below the jump.

Jazz Fest in full swing with international and local talent

Posted on: Mon 30 Jun, 2014

Here at ELAN HQ, we have the pleasure of hearing whatever goes on at the Place des Festivals just two blocks away. Until July 5, the music floating through our windows arrives courtesy of the Montreal International Jazz Festival.

In this article, the Gazette provides a rundown of the festival's offerings through the eyes of its directors, including an explanation of how the festival has attempted to improve its representation of local artists. Montreal names to watch out for this year include perennial performer Nikki Yanofsky (pictured), Emma Frank, Dear Criminals, and more.

Read more here.

Quebec musicians vote to split from AFM

Posted on: Tue 17 Jun, 2014

Quebec musicians have voted to split from the American Federation of Musicians union (AFM), citing such concerns as English-only contracts and a lack of services compared to dues paid.

The vote was passed with 53.3 per cent in favour. For its part, the AFM is consulting its bylaws to determine its official response to the vote.

Read more in the Toronto Star.

Open AUDITIONS - La Chauve Souris (Die Fledermaus) - Volunteer Opportunities

Thu 31 Jul, 2014 - Volunteer Opportunities
Posted on: Thu 31 Jul, 2014


MWOS is auditioning for solo and chorus parts for its second bilingual production*, in its 76th year.

Victoria Hall - 4626 Sherbrooke St. West, Westmount

Contact us for an appointment.
www.mwos.org 514-990-8813 casting@mwos.org

Sing for the love of it! Act for the fun of it! MWOS performers are all volunteers.

* English dialogue/French lyrics
Showtime: Spring 2015

Costume Enthusiasts Wanted for Photo Shoot - Volunteer Opportunities

Wed 30 Jul, 2014 - Volunteer Opportunities
Posted on: Wed 30 Jul, 2014

Do you have a spectacular costume that you'd love the world to see?

I am a photographer looking for people passionate about dressing up for a portrait series which will feature you dressed in your costume, situated in an environment suited to the costume. Superhero, ultra-realistic wild animal, period dress? The craftsmanship and dedication it takes to make and maintain a costume is admirable and I'd love to put you and all your passion and hard work in the spotlight.

For more information about the project and my work, contact costumephotoshoot@gmail.com and I will respond with details, and we can work together to organise a shoot at a time and location convenient for you.

It's time to celebrate dressing up!

Belles Soeurs: The Musical | WORLD ENGLISH PREMIERE! - Artistic Events

Start Date: Sun 19 Oct, 2014
End Date: Sun 09 Nov, 2014

Artistic Events
Posted on: Wed 30 Jul, 2014


Based on the play Les Belles-soeurs by Michel Tremblay
Book, Lyrics and Directed by René Richard Cyr
Music by Daniel Bélanger
English Book Adapted by Brian Hill
English Lyrics Adapted by Neil Bartram
Music Adaptation and Additional Music by Neil Bartram

When a Plateau Mont-Royal housewife wins one million trading stamps from a department store, her life is turned upside down. 

The Segal Centre presents THE GRADUATE - Artistic Events

Start Date: Sun 31 Aug, 2014
End Date: Sun 21 Sep, 2014

Artistic Events
Posted on: Wed 30 Jul, 2014

A Play Adapted by Terry Johnson, Based on the novel by Charles Webb and the Motion Picture Screenplay by Calder Willingham & Buck Henry
Directed by Andrew Shaver
With Original Music Composed and Performed Live on Stage by Justin Rutledge & Matthew Barber
Starring Luke Humphrey & Brigitte Robinson

When a dazed college graduate becomes entangled in a love triangle with a mother and daughter, he finds himself caught between the allure of experience and the promise of a bright future. 

17th Résonance Reading - Artistic Events

Start Date: Wed 06 Aug, 2014
End Date: Wed 06 Aug, 2014

Artistic Events
Posted on: Wed 30 Jul, 2014

Come support this reading of original poetry and prose in the artist-run performance venue Café Résonance (5175A ave du Parc)

Wednesday 6 August, 9pm

Fabulous lineup of readers:

Rawi Hage

Lise Gaston
Leigh Kotsilidis
Anna Leventhal
Nigel Thomas

AGM and 10th Anniversary Celebration: Sept 11, 2014 - News

Posted on: Wed 02 Jul, 2014

Save the date for ELAN’s AGM and 10th Anniversary Celebration: Sept 11 at Eastern Bloc! More info to come in August's ELANews - subscribe here!

In case you missed it: Crowdfunding and the Arts panel summary - News

Posted on: Tue 01 Jul, 2014

Did you miss our panel discussion on Crowdfunding and the Arts back in March? Good news – our summary of the discussion is now up on the ELANarts blog! Click here to dig in.

Should we rename the Schmoozer? - News

Posted on: Tue 01 Jul, 2014

As you might have heard, ELAN hosts free bimonthly networking events called Schmoozers, where artists and arts lovers from all disciplines and backgrounds can meet, converse, and connect. We know a lot of you like the name “Schmoozer” just fine, but we've also heard some feedback recently that the name "Schmoozer" could use an upgrade.

July 2014 Director's Message - Director's Message

Posted on: Tue 01 Jul, 2014

ELAN is celebrating its 10th birthday this year, which is a significant and happy occasion. Personally, I am coming up to a birthday this month that should be six times as joyful, but 60 is probably the least celebrated of the decennial birthdays. Ten is cute. Twenty is the threshold of adulthood. Thirty is the prime of physical vitality. At 40, years of effort are bearing fruit. Fifty is like a fancy dress ball that would be quite amusing if the somewhat worn and wrinkled costume could be returned after the party. I’m not sure what happens at 70, although I recently heard a rock ’n roll drummer proclaim that now he could say he had lived through the sixties twice. Longevity appears to become a cause for muted celebration at 80, 90 and beyond.

Director's Message - June 2014 - Director's Message

Posted on: Mon 02 Jun, 2014

A year ago, ELAN was going through one of those existential crises which periodically strikes all arts organizations. It involved funding.

In our society, money is the universal measure of what things are worth, although there is no direct correlation between value (social, artistic, intrinsic) and revenue generated. Nonetheless, a lack of financial support can have a negative effect on morale and a devastating impact on an organization's capacity to operate.