Mark your calendars: Made Au Québec will launch MARCH 22

Fri 01 Mar, 2013 - News

When ELAN was imagining Made au Québec 18 months ago, we had no inkling how timely it would be. The project is designed for francophone audiences curious to know more about the flourishing Anglo art community, which can still be something of a mystery. Made au Québec brings together stories about anglo-Quebecois artists in the news from local, national and international media.
To promote Made au Québec, we will be working with VOIR magazine, which has a long history of covering English-language artists and wants to develop a stronger relationship with Anglo artists and readers after the demise of Hour and the Mirror. We will also be promoting Made au Québec on the website of Urbania magazine, which produced an insightful and amusing winter 2012/13 edition dedicated to Anglos. We will be launching the new website on March 22. Stay posted.


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