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Looking for locations/groups/events interested in Art + Robotics workshop

Tue 09 Jul, 2013 - Workshops

I am a Master in Art Education graduate student looking for an opportunity to present two workshops (Bristlebots and Artbots)that integrate Visual Arts, Science, and Robotics. Participants will build their own unique vibration-based robot and use the robot to make Non-Objective or Non-Representational images.

1. DIY Robots + Art: Bristlebot
2. DIY Robots + Art: ArtBot

Cost: approximately $40/ea MAX 12

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Discover modern art on Hugo Pieters' website!

Thu 22 Aug, 2013 - ELAN Classifieds

Hi, I am a new member! Due to a bizarre life, I found out that at the age of 70, that I have been a modernart painter all my life. My website is and hope you have fun with it.

Don't forget to check the 10 one-act plays for students and the film script on the website.


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Books are no more threatened by Kindle than stairs by elevators

Thu 05 Sep, 2013 - ELAN Classifieds

Let's prove that this quote by Stephen Fry is true. I'm currently building a bookshelfie (picture one takes of oneself in front of a bookhelf) gallery and am looking for people to submit their pictures to show the world that books are still alive and lovec (see the gallery here:

In exchange for your picture, I will glady link back to or showcase your work on my social media (my facebook page has an average reach of 500/people/week).

If you'd like to join in on the fun, send your bookshelfie to Include your first name and location as well.

Thank you very much!

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Galerie RCA Call for Submission - Art Not Forgotten

Thu 19 Feb, 2015 - Calls for Submissions

How often have you commented on a piece of art in a friend’s house only to be told, “oh this was my mother’s- she painted you know” or “this was my brother’s; he painted his whole life.” Or do you own such pieces yourself?

Well, we at Galerie RCA are having a special show of Art Not Forgotten to feature just this kind of work. Accompanying the work we wish the submitter to include a short write-up about the artist and a photo of the artist, if possible, in order to honour the memory of the creator of the piece.

Please read the following submission form and see what comes to mind. Perhaps you or someone you know may have a piece or two just right for a space in this show.


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YES Art Expo

Start Date: Fri 20 Mar, 2015
End Date: Sat 21 Mar, 2015

Community Events

To mark the 15th anniversary of its Business Skills for Creative Souls Artists’ Program, Youth Employment Services is organizing the 5th YES Art Expo which will take place on March 20 and 21 in Montreal.

The exhibit promotes the extraordinary artists and artisans who enrich our cultural landscape and provides a chance to view and purchase artworks created by our clients from Montreal and all corners of Quebec.

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PRESENCE - recent paintings by HOLLY FRIESEN

Mon 16 Feb, 2015 - Member News

A painting that begins in wonder, when an unanticipated moment captures the spirit of a place. The painting becomes a representation of presence, never revealing all but always hiding something the way a dream does.

Galerie L'espace, 4844 Blvd St Laurent

Vernissage - Thursday, March 19 5-8pm
Exhibition continues until March 25 / 514 713-6583

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Valeriya Khomar's exhibition at Leonardo da Vinci Centre

Start Date: Wed 18 Mar, 2015
End Date: Wed 25 Mar, 2015

Artistic Events

Visual artist Valeriya Khomar is presenting her brightly-hued abstracts from the 18th to the 25th of March at Leonardo da Vinci Centre, Saint-Leonard.
Vernissage is on the 18th March at 7pm. Meet the artist on the 21st, Saturday and 22nd, Sunday from 1 to 4pm. Free admission.

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ArtWill STUDIO Spring Registration

Mon 02 Mar, 2015 - Workshops


Atelier d'expérimentation des arts

2 à 5 ans, 6 à 12 ans et adultes. Bilingue

Dans un environnement studio relaxant et propice à la création,

faites l'essai de divers techniques et matériaux tout en apprenant le langage de l'art.

Puisez dans votre créativité. Matériel fourni. Venez vivre l'expérience.

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Time Slip - Adriana Coluccio - Exhibition

Start Date: Mon 02 Mar, 2015
End Date: Thu 12 Mar, 2015

Artistic Events

Adriana Coluccio’s exhibition is on display at the Pointe of View Gallery from March 2 to March 12. The vernissage will be held on March 6, from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

As these images seem to be slipping off the canvas, they fluctuate between the recognizable and the unrecognizable evoking a moment of dissolution and regeneration. The paintings are a mere reflection of the original, with a focus on the moment when the image dissipates, summoning a sense of a fleeting memory.

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Art Souterrain Festival: Feb 28-Mar 15

Start Date: Sat 28 Feb, 2015
End Date: Sun 15 Mar, 2015

Community Events



Art Souterrain Festival: Feb 28-Mar 15

Art Souterrain festival is poised to permeate Montreal's downtown underground pathways with contemporary art and film installations, performances, guided tours and talks for art lovers, families, children, businesspeople, and passersby of all stripes between Nuit Blanche on February 28th through til March 15th.



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Fri 27 Feb, 2015 - Calls for Submissions

Call for participation:  MONTREAL UNDERGROUND ORIGINS,  Exploring the early days of Montreal’s independent arts and underground culture, 1965-1975

Local arts promotion and preservation organization Archive Montreal, the folks behind the Expozine small press fair and Distroboto art vending machines, need your help in documenting the mid 60s to mid 70s local arts scene. If you were an artist, author, poet, musician or otherwise were involved in the youth or independent arts community during that era, we'd like to hear from you! 

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Valeriya Khomar, Cote-St-Luc Library Exhibition

Start Date: Thu 26 Feb, 2015
End Date: Sun 29 Mar, 2015

Artistic Events

Multidimensional Visual Artist Valeriya Khomar presenting series of her works Jugs and Mixed Media at the Eleanor London Côte Saint Luc Public Library

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Valeriya Khomar exhibition at Côte Saint Luc Public Library

Start Date: Thu 26 Feb, 2015
End Date: Sun 29 Mar, 2015

Artistic Events


Multidimensional Visual Artist Valeriya Khomar is presenting series of her works Jugs and Mixed Media at the Eleanor London Côte Saint Luc Public Library, 5851 Cavendish Blvd., Cote Saint Luc, H4W 2X8.

26 Feb - 29 Mar 2015.

Free admission, 10am-10pm, 7days/week

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Open Access: The Art of Inclusion

Start Date: Fri 06 Feb, 2015
End Date: Sat 07 Feb, 2015

Community Events

Art Education Graduate Symposium, Concordia University February 6th and 7th, 2015 (Montréal, Quebec)

Keynote Address: Judith Snow – Social Inventor and Advocate for Inclusion

Judith Snow, MA advocates for inclusion – communities that welcome the participation of a wide diversity of people. She is a visual artist, author, and Founding Director of Laser Eagles, an organization making creative activity available through personal assistance to artists with diverse abilities.

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DHC/ART Gallery and ArtWill Studio 5 à 7 - Art, Communicate, Nibble and Create

Start Date: Tue 03 Feb, 2015
End Date: Tue 03 Feb, 2015

Community Events

Who - DHC/ART Gallery  and ArtWill Studio
When - February 3, 2015 5 à 7 - Art, Communicate, Nibble and Create
How - Please confirm your presence by e mail or the Meetup link below
Where - DHC/ART Gallery  451 St Jean St, Montreal, QC H2Y 2R5, Montreal, QC

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Montreal Artbomb call for Submissions from Visual Artists in quebec

Mon 19 Jan, 2015 - Calls for Submissions

ARTBOMB is a daily online auction that showcases curated artwork by Canadian Artists.
ARTBOMB is a service that delivers one email featuring artwork into subscribers’ in-boxes every morning, seven days a week. There is a starting bid, and bidding is open from 6 am to 11 pm. At end of day, the highest bid wins the piece, which is delivered directly to the buyer.

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articule’s first curatorial residency: The centre welcomes Dominique Fontaine

Thu 22 Jan, 2015 - Member News

Artist-run centre articule has the immense pleasure to welcome Dominique Fontaine as part of its first residency for curators who identify as indigenous and/or people of colour living in Montreal. Tentatively titled “Scènes de la vie quotidienne à Montréal (on belonging and the politics of belonging)”, Dominique Fontaine’s project will examine the relationship between arts, migration and representation in the context of Montreal and contemporary art practices. In the course of the year 2015, through a study of notions of belonging and politics of belonging, the project will transform articule into a collective space where art- ists, theorists and audiences will be invited to participate in mini-residencies or laboratories in order to reflect on new ideas on the city, life in Montreal and politics of belonging.

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Studio XX Winter 2015 Workshops

Mon 12 Jan, 2015 - Workshops

Studio XX will be offering 4 workshops in Winter 2015. All details and registration on our Website.

When you sign up for our workshops, you automatically become an XX member with advantages like equipment loans, acces to our lab, as well as free entrance to most of the Studio's activities. Follow the links for more information on becoming a member.

We wish you a happy, healthy and stimulating 2015. Please note that Studio XX is open from 10h to 17h, Tuesday to Friday. We look forward to seeing you.

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Studio ArtWill 2015 - register now - classes begin January 9, 2015

Sun 04 Jan, 2015 - Workshops

In a relaxing and creative studio environment, experiment with a variety of art materials and techniques, while learning the language of art.
Tap into your inner creativity.
All materials supplied. Come create.

Français / English

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Start Date: Thu 08 Jan, 2015
End Date: Tue 20 Jan, 2015

Artistic Events

A mid winter art exhibition to warm the heart and soul.

40+ artists curated by Holly Friesen at the Centre d'art E.K. Voland, 4710 rue st-ambroise, Montreal (St Henri).

Vernissage with barista and traveling coffee bar Sunday, January 11th 2 to 4pm.

Exhibition continues to Jan 20, 2015 Info: 514 713-6583.

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