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Looking for locations/groups/events interested in Art + Robotics workshop

Tue 09 Jul, 2013 - Workshops

I am a Master in Art Education graduate student looking for an opportunity to present two workshops (Bristlebots and Artbots)that integrate Visual Arts, Science, and Robotics. Participants will build their own unique vibration-based robot and use the robot to make Non-Objective or Non-Representational images.

1. DIY Robots + Art: Bristlebot
2. DIY Robots + Art: ArtBot

Cost: approximately $40/ea MAX 12

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Discover modern art on Hugo Pieters' website!

Thu 22 Aug, 2013 - ELAN Classifieds

Hi, I am a new member! Due to a bizarre life, I found out that at the age of 70, that I have been a modernart painter all my life. My website is and hope you have fun with it.

Don't forget to check the 10 one-act plays for students and the film script on the website.


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Books are no more threatened by Kindle than stairs by elevators

Thu 05 Sep, 2013 - ELAN Classifieds

Let's prove that this quote by Stephen Fry is true. I'm currently building a bookshelfie (picture one takes of oneself in front of a bookhelf) gallery and am looking for people to submit their pictures to show the world that books are still alive and lovec (see the gallery here:

In exchange for your picture, I will glady link back to or showcase your work on my social media (my facebook page has an average reach of 500/people/week).

If you'd like to join in on the fun, send your bookshelfie to Include your first name and location as well.

Thank you very much!

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Art Feels Good

Wed 23 Jul, 2014 - Workshops

ArtWill is a unique and relaxing studio space in Vaudreuil-Dorion that offers inspiring visual arts programs for all ages. The fun-filled visual arts classes are taught by Deirdre Potash artist and art educator with over 30 years’ experience, and are designed to nurture and encourage exploration and creativity.

Through Les Journées de la culture come and join me in a free art workshop. Sunday September 28, 2014 1:00 to 3:00pm. reservations Required.

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Cityscapes: Collages in Cloth and Stitch

Start Date: Fri 26 Sep, 2014
End Date: Wed 22 Oct, 2014

Artistic Events

Heather Dubreuil will have a solo show at the Atrium Gallery in Ottawa.

"My cityscapes show the radiant transformation of an everyday exterior through the expressive potential of colour. I create sensuous, aesthetic delight by a careful consideration of form and composition. I see my work in cloth and stitch as a contemporary expression of the culture of women's needlework."

For more information about Heather's work, please visit her website at

The Atrium is part of the Ottawa Community Galleries network. Artists living within 150 km of Ottawa are eligible to apply to show their work in one of their many venues. For more information, visit Deadline for the coming year is October 10, 2014.

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My House has Many Rooms

Start Date: Thu 11 Sep, 2014
End Date: Sat 20 Sep, 2014

Artistic Events

Paintings & Drawings by Dorothy Grostern
Vernissage Sept 11th 5 to 8pm
Exhibition Continues until Sept 20th

My House Has Many Rooms is a unique exhibition, a behind the scenes, as it were, of the creation of a book by the same title; a collection of memories in the form of delicate and emotionally charged drawings, that on the pages of the book were woven into a visual narrative. Most of the works on display appear in the publication. The words that accompany the drawings in the book are absent here, the pictures left to tell their story. Do stop and listen.

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ART by the lake au bord du lac

Start Date: Sat 06 Sep, 2014
End Date: Sun 07 Sep, 2014

Artistic Events

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Art by the Lake

Start Date: Sat 06 Sep, 2014
End Date: Sun 07 Sep, 2014

Artistic Events

Almost fifty members and guests of the Lakeshore Artists Association will be setting up their tents on the beautiful lawn of Stewart Hall in Pointe Claire, showing their work and supporting the John Abbott College Foundation with their sales. The event will be moved indoors in the case of rain.

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Valeriya Khomar Art at Cinema du Park

Start Date: Sat 06 Sep, 2014
End Date: Thu 02 Oct, 2014

Artistic Events

Visual artist Valeriya Khomar is going to present her collection of paintings at Cinema du Parc.

Sept. 6 - Oct. 2 2014, 1-6 pm, 7 days.

Cinéma du Parc, 3575 av. Du Parc, Montréal, Québec, H2X 3P9

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Start Date: Fri 15 Aug, 2014
End Date: Sun 31 Aug, 2014

Artistic Events

AUGUST 15-31, 2014



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Jump-Start Your Art & Artist Grants and Loans Information Session

Tue 22 Jul, 2014 - Workshops

Thursday, August 14, 2014
1:30 PM–3:30 PM
Cost: Free

Are you an artist seeking to make a living from your creativity and talent, but don’t know how? This orientation session outlines the support services available to artists through YES and other arts organizations, and touches upon key things to consider in building a career or business in the arts. Topics include: getting to know your industry, marketing/ promotion, governance, developing relationships with key stakeholders, understanding the funding landscape and essential grant-writing tips. After the workshop, there will be the opportunity for a one-on-one consultation session to establish the YES resources that best suit your needs.

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Pop Up exhibition and Artist Talk in the Adirondacks

Tue 05 Aug, 2014 - Member News

Holly Friesen willl be exhibiting her most recent paintings of the Adirondacks in a pop up gallery being hosted in a "Great Camp" on August 14 to 16th. She will be giving a talk entitled "The Wilderness Within" at the Wild Center in Tupper Lake, NY on Sept 8th. Please contact the artist for more info:

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Just a few of Montreal's many independent bookstores...

Mon 11 Aug, 2014 - Spotlight

With Chapters downtown about to close its doors, much of the conversation turned to what this closure would mean for Montreal's independent bookstores. It remains to be seen whether this is a sign of change to come.

One thing's for sure, though: Montreal is full of bookshops run by passionate and knowledgeable people who make a point of supporting the local arts community by selling writings and wares from Quebec authors and artisans, hosting readings and launches, and so much more.

This list from The Main is a great start to exploring Montreal's independent bookstores and stock up for your summer reading needs! Oh, and we would be remiss if we didn't add ELAN member Librairie Drawn + Quarterly to this bookstore itinerary.

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Wed 25 Jun, 2014 - Workshops

Imagine: creating during 5 consecutive days, with varied models, in an organised space, with the stimulating energy of other artists!

You have the possibility with this intensive live model workshop, August 12 to 16. A unique opportunity to freely explore, without constraints of a class. Impossible to benefit from all these advantages in your studio for such a low cost!

You have different registration options: the 30 hours, mornings or afternoons only, or the sessions of your choice.

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INTENSIVE LIVE MODEL WORKSHOP August 11th to 14th 2014

Tue 15 Jul, 2014 - Workshops

At UQAM’s Design school 1440 Sanguinet, room DE-2250
(between Ste-Catherine & Maisonneuve, one street west from St-Denis)

**Take note that it is an open studio and not a class** *Workshop for all : students and artists of all levels*

From 9 :30 to 12 :30 and from 1 :30 to 4 :30 /10 different models (6 females/ 4 males) Nude only

Equipped with easels, panels, small tables, chairs and stools. Podium in the center and directed lighting. Spacious room.

$120.00 for the 10 three hours sessions (30 hours) / $60.00 for 5 three hours sessions (15 hours), mornings OR afternoons / OR à la carte : $15.00 each session.

For all mornings, a progression of fast poses. All afternoons, TWO LONG POSES of about 1 :15 each.


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The positive potential of graffiti

Wed 06 Aug, 2014 - Spotlight

Graffiti has always been art in the eye of some beholders, while for others it's an unwanted intrusion onto urban surfaces. This Montreal Gazette article explains how the City of Montreal is attempting to find a balance in its approach to dealing with graffiti, allowing youth to express themselves artistically through murals while still cleaning up tags that are the source of citizen complaints.

Even though some find it vexing, there's no question that graffiti can help youth to make meaningful connections with their communities and with each other. The Gazette piece mentions several inspiring examples of people helping youth to tap into graffiti's positive potential, including Melissa Proietti, coordinator of teen programs at Montreal's Point St-Charles YMCA who is also in charge of the Under Pressure graffiti festival.

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Tue 05 Aug, 2014 - Calls for Submissions


ART VS. STATUS QUO // Mad, rad, tired of being had? On Friday January 30th 2015, Cabaret Tollé returns after its wildly successful inaugural edition last year to present an unconventional evening of visionary tantrums hosted by the unstoppable Peaches Lepage (Jordan Arseneault).

For 2015, Studio 303 will invite 9 RADICALLY UNDISCIPLINED ARTISTS to occupy the Sala Rossa for an evening of the rad, the mad, and the tired-of-being-had.

Can art still stimulate political action? What role can artists and activists play in convincing, seducing, and provoking responses to the political and social status quo? Offering a showcase for work inspired by social causes, rallying cries, demonstrations, teach-ins, die-ins, kiss-ins, we want to see what moves artists to take a stand, and invite our audience to stand with them.

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Bryan Lee O'Malley launches Seconds

Start Date: Thu 31 Jul, 2014
End Date: Thu 31 Jul, 2014

Community Events


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Costume Enthusiasts Wanted for Photo Shoot

Wed 30 Jul, 2014 - Volunteer Opportunities

Do you have a spectacular costume that you'd love the world to see?

I am a photographer looking for people passionate about dressing up for a portrait series which will feature you dressed in your costume, situated in an environment suited to the costume. Superhero, ultra-realistic wild animal, period dress? The craftsmanship and dedication it takes to make and maintain a costume is admirable and I'd love to put you and all your passion and hard work in the spotlight.

For more information about the project and my work, contact and I will respond with details, and we can work together to organise a shoot at a time and location convenient for you.

It's time to celebrate dressing up!

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Festvial HTMlles: Technical Assistant Internship

Mon 28 Jul, 2014 - Volunteer Opportunities


Description of the position:

Under the responsibility of the Technical Director, the Technical Assistant provides support for technical production and services for the 11th edition of the festival HTMlles, under the theme “Zero Future”, taking place this November 7-15, 2014. The internship may comprise a variety of the following tasks and responsibilities, with the main objective of providing support to the Technical Director. While a candidate with a broad technical knowledge base and some experience is desired, the position also allows for learning and growth, expanding on the candidate’s major of study and/or areas of interest and skill. Working in a collaborative team environment, the festival workplace is dynamic, feminist, and grounded in artist-run culture, offering an excellent opportunity to work with international and local artists and gain in-depth experience in many aspects of technical production.

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