• Music
    Benjamin Hatcher

     “A work of art does not simply observe reality,” says ballet dancer Benjamin Hatcher, “It is purposeful, inspires us to achieve greater awareness, and brings about change.” Such are the philosophical underpinnings behind the graceful movements of ...

  • Music
    AIDS Wolf / Seripop

    Blending elements of post-hardcore sludge, white-noise peaks, and no-wave skittishness into one loud hammer attack of riffage, Montreal’s AIDS Wolf are among one of the heaviest and most notorious underground rock bands to break off the Main in the past decade. &nbs...

  • Writing
    Ian Ferrier

    Blending elements of poetry, song, and spoken word, Ian Ferrier’s one-of-a-kind performance art delivers a medley of literariness and popular culture. Musically rooted in blues-driven inquiries into love, sex, and death, and poetically rooted in the cosmology of the Beat...

  • Multidisciplinary
    Louis Rastelli

    In 2001, artist Louis Rastelli did something unique in the area of arts promotion. He created the Distroboto. The machines, found in various cafés, bars and bookstores in Montreal, sell art, crafts, music, film, and writing out of former cigarette machines.

The vision behind ELAN’s Recognizing Artists: Enfin Visibles ! project was simple: Artists need to be part of a community, and communities need artists.  Quebec is not simple. It is a complex mix of linguistic, geographic and cultural communities. Most of Quebec’s “English-speaking” artists are bilingual, trilingual or multilingual. Many were born in Quebec where their families have lived for generations, while others immigrated here as children or were drawn as adults for a wide variety of reasons.  RAEV reveals a surprising diversity of stories.

Peers and fans proposed more than 1,700 artists for ELAN's RAEV project. The 154 artists selected for this “group portrait” represent multiple artistic disciplines, regions and career stages: from internationally renowned icons to emerging artists creating a buzz in the local scene. These short bios are a snapshot of a much larger artistic community.*

The videoclips show 24 artists at work and ask questions about what it means to be part of a minority community that is also connected to an international linguistic majority.  Being a minority/majority within a majority/minority creates unpredictable identities.

These essays place the current artistic renaissance in a historical context, outlining major characters, events and previously undocumented stories.  The interactive format invites readers to enrich the content by adding their own anecdotes and personal memories.


*Note: The RAEV project features living artists but in the future we will be adding a section to honour the memory of artists from past generations.