Due to the lack of representation of the arts and culture sector at the Rendez-vous national de la main-d’oeuvre (National workforce meeting) last week, a group of 50+ arts and culture organizations have come together to launch La culture, le cœur du Québec – Pour des carrières durables. The campaign aims to alert the government to the realities of self-employment in the arts and culture sector, as well as the challenges involved in sector training and development.

The group has two main goals: (1) to include a human resources section into the next cultural policy that describes the realities of the sector and integrates solutions that meet the specific needs of the sector in terms of hiring, professional development and versatility, and professional transitions; (2) to implement a governmental action plan led by the Minister of Employment and Social Solidarity of Québec in order to have a united vision among various ministries and organizations concerned with workforce issues in the cultural sector.

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