Thanks to Canada Council’s OLMC Market Access Fund, ELAN has two splendid new projects in development: the third edition of our US curator visits for visual artists, and a brand new project for performing artists.

Stephen Lawson is managing the 2017 Visiting Curator Series project (also known as Visual Arts Market Access, or VAMA). He has some fresh ideas about how ELAN can help Quebec artists access opportunities in the US. We invite you to respond to the call for submissions here. If you’re curious about past editions of this project, see photos and a summary of last year’s Q+A with American gallerists and curators.

The brand-new Performing Arts Market Access project is based on a strategy that ELAN developed with funding from Canada Council. June Park is coordinating skill-building workshops on grant writing, contract negotiating, tour booking, marketing and publicity for artists working in music, theatre and dance. If you are a performing artist and have ideas about skills that would increase your access to new markets, contact June at We are also committed to delivering workshops to artists working in regions outside Montreal. To ensure that your region is included, send June an email.

Along with the workshops, Emilia Alvarez and Mariam Assaf are developing showcase and networking opportunities for performing artists. If you work in music, theatre, dance, or any other performing art, fill out the survey here to help them understand your needs.

Looking forward to creative encounters with many ELAN members during the coming months.


Guy Rodgers

Executive Director