** SAVE THE DATE! Our AGM will take place on Tuesday, August 29 **

ELAN’s board consists of two members per discipline (music, dance, visual arts, film and v, theatre, writing and publishing) plus two members to represent the regions of Quebec (outside Greater Montreal) and one corporate representative. Half the board stands for election each year, for two-year terms.

All ELAN members in good standing (those who have paid membership fees) can nominate a fellow artist or cultural worker for ELAN’s board of directors. If you think one of your colleagues would make a good representative of the English-speaking artistic community, let us know at admin@quebec-elan.org by July 18.

Seats up for election at AGM 2017:

  • Visual Arts Representative (1)
  • Music Representative (1)
  • Writing Representative (1)
  • Regions Representative (1)
  • Corporate Representative (1)

Summer is festival season in Quebec. There is not a better place on the planet for a summer vacation or alfresco afternoons on terraces.

This summer, our cultural landscape will be enlivened by an extraordinary number of celebrations for Canada 150 and Montreal 375. ELAN will contribute to the festivities with Arts Alive! Québec 2017. Thanks to support from the Canada 150 Fund, we’ve increased the number of participating artists in 2017, including the number of ELAN members (if you responded to the call, see this link).

The fun kicked off in Quebec City (Morrin Centre) and Knowlton on July 1. Knowlton has a second day programmed on July 8, then next up is Hudson July 21-23, followed by Huntingdon August 18, Wakefield September 8-10, and the West Island September 23-24. I encourage you all to check out the Arts Alive! Québec 2017 website and plan a day trip to one of these splendid weekends.

I look forward to running into some of you at Arts Alive! Québec events this summer, and to seeing many ELAN members present and perform your work.

Guy Rodgers

Executive Director

The City of Montreal recently concluded consultations for its Cultural Development Project 2017-2022. Thanks to your input, ELAN had a lot to say about the policy in our own brief, which we presented to the Commission responsible for the policy at City Hall on April 6.

Many of ELAN’s recommendations, especially for increased encounters between artists from different linguistic groups and for clearer commitments to diversity and equity, were echoed by other groups who participated.

We were pleased to see that the Commission has adopted several promising recommendations along these lines, including:

An increased focus on equity, inclusion, and diversity;
Measures to ensure representation and document systemic barriers;
Encouraging encounters between French- and English-speaking artists and artists of other linguistic backgrounds;
Integrating universal accessibility into the planning of cultural activities;
Promoting use of the City’s cultural infrastructure among English-speaking and Allophone artistic communities.

What’s next? A Rendez-vous in 2018 will result in an action plan to implement the policy. We will share news as soon as it’s announced.

Read the Commission’s full report here (FR) and consult the list of recommendations here (FR).