Quebec Budget 2018/19

Quebec Budget 2018/19

The Quebec budget on March 27 was full of election year goodies. After years of austerity and cuts it was certainly a good new budget for artists and cultural workers. Total investment in the Ministry of Culture and Communication will rise to $778 million in 2019/19, an 11% increase. This the largest new investment in culture in 20 years.

Media and culture

  • $113 million on youth and culture, including $35 million for cultural field trips for school daycare students;
  • $168.9 million in new funding for arts funding organizations and cultural tax credits, including $100 million in new funding to be divided between CALQ and SODEC, and $2.5 million to extend a tax credit for a first major cultural gift (of $5,000 to $25,000) from Jan. 1, 2018 to Dec. 31, 2022;
  • Increasing, from $15.5 million a year to $19.5 million, the contribution to the Quebec Cultural Heritage Fund;
  • $5 million to compensate museums that offer one free Sunday a month;
  • $5 million for large-scale cultural events in Quebec City;
  • $40 million for “various initiatives” that support the creation of digital cultural works;
  • $64.7 million for a tax credit to support digital transformation of print media;
  • $11.6 million to make digital video productions eligible for the film and television tax credit.

Anglo Secretariat

Last year, the Couillard government created a new Anglo Secretariat, which established Arts and Culture as a community priority.  The 2018/19 budget provided the Anglo Secretariat with a $24.5 million budget and several projects involving arts and education are waiting to receive financial support.






Guy Rodgers

Executive Director