Since its foundation in 2004, the English Language Arts Network (ELAN) has served as a platform for thousands of English-language artists of all disciplines from across Quebec to share expertise and resources, build audiences and alliances, seek support, and make common cause with the Francophone arts community.

Photos of 2019 AGM by Nasuna Stuart-Ulin.

Workshop facilitator June Park speaking with Executive Director Guy Rodgers as members arrive to Rialto Theatre for 2019 AGM.

Byron Tobin, LP Camozzi, Wendy Thomas, Veena Gokhale, Jason Campbell.

Project Manager Dan Webster presenting report on ARTS2U.

Executive Director Guy Rodgers presenting the new Quebec Relations project.

Board Director Tim Piper performing during ArtEd presentation.

Outgoing Treasurer Kristelle Holliday presenting financial report and 2019-2020 budget.

ELAN says farewell to Board Director Fortner Anderson, Program Manager Amy Macdonald, Treasurer Kristelle Holliday, and President Bettina Forget. 

ELAN welcomes new President Li Li. 

Kathy Slotsve (YES Montreal), ELAN Treasurer Kristelle Holliday, Annalise Jernsen (SRESQ), Executive Director Guy Rodgers.

Louis Rodgers and Ellie Nash (with Victoria), Marc and Sufia Duez (with Milo), and Guy Rodgers.

MC for the night, Jimmy Blais, Board Director Kakim Goh, Board Director Roger Sinha, outgoing President Bettina Forget, incoming President Li Li, and Executive Director Guy Rodgers.

Headlining band Urban Science.

Greg Selinger performing “Body Break”.

Travis Knights performing “Body Break”.

Janis Kirshner and Laura Mitchell performing as TITTERS.

Performance of Andrea Peña’s “6.58 Manifesto”.

Carolyn Fe performing an original composition from “Sugat Ko”.

Kevin Harvey of the Durham County Poets.

Slide guitarist Neil Elsmore of the Durham County Poets.

MC for the night, Jimmy Blais.