Hack Arts Montreal is working to make the arts more visible in the AI and machine readable future!

The arts sector has struggled to achieve equal value in return for the amount of energy put into its productions. While social media giants traffic in arts to build their user bases, the producers are left with diminished value for digital assets and less meaningful connection with their audiences. Producers seek to focus their digital efforts to keep pace and use their metadata to feed advanced AI capable systems to grow audiences. Technologies including data structuring, natural language processing, AI, and machine learning must be understood and made available to arts producers.

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November 15 and 16 at Temps Libre in the Mile End. Click here for info.

This November, ELAN is hosting a joint workshop-hackathon where we’ll be presenting ARTS2U research to inform participants about the technical and programming challenges for the arts sector. The hackathon will address specific technical and coding challenges by dividing participants into groups and working in parallel toward comparable solutions.

Participants will build tools from ARTS2U base APIs that could be shared externally, with the goal of distributing event information gleaned from arts producers to reach wider audiences. Participants will include programmers, post-secondary students, and arts sector representatives interested in finding solutions. Presenters will explain their digital initiatives to make the arts more findable.

Featured Presenters:

ARTS2U is a feed of arts and culture events listings. Information about arts events is compiled into a structured database and fed to media for display on their websites, and directly to arts audiences, saving producers time and by-passing marketing intermediaries.

Culture Creates makes live events find-able on the web. Be discovered by voice powered search and AI powered virtual assistants, like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. “Translating event listings into structured data… is arguably the most urgent digital action item for performing arts [today].” – Frédéric Julien, Director Research and Development, CAPACOA. We built our Footlight technology to make events find-able on the Web and ensure that arts organizations will always be the digital authority of their own metadata – not Google, not Facebook.

Design Thinking Montreal empowers groups to innovate and solve human problems through collaborative sessions that fosters creative intelligence, and design methodologies. We do this by working with groups to personalized education and facilitation programs that transfer skill sets, fostering common language and encouraging new behaviour, thinking and beliefs for the benefit of the people involved and the people they are looking to serve.

Wired on Words Productions creates and promotes live events that feature poets, storytellers, musicians, dancers and performers. Our goal is to take literature out of the classroom and make it a part of popular culture.  We do our best to record our performances as well, so that anyone now or in the future can see and listen to what we do. All of our current initiatives have two things in common: they feature poets, musicians and performers in a live setting, and they didn’t exist before we made them. This is the most important message we have: if you think your voice and your ideas are not evident in the popular culture, then create a place for them.