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We’re All In This Together: Two New Episodes!

We're all in this together quebec

As we start the new year, we’re celebrating the release of We’re All In This Together’s first two episodes!

Episode one features mother and daughter-in-law duo, Hainya Wiseman and Linda. Check out this charming video and learn how to bake some delicious sugar cookies! The holidays might be over, but cookies are forever! See the video here!

Episode two is a holiday concert hosted at Martha Wainwright’s Ursa venue in Montreal’s Mile End. The concert featured talented artists: Jennifer Gasoi, Susie Arioli, and the Solstice Trio! This performance will be sure to bring some warmth in your home. Watch the concert here! 

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ELAN in partnership with Seniors Action Quebec presents We’re All In This Together, an initiative to combat isolation amongst seniors. Funded by Heritage Canada