All six Waves of Change episodes have premiered on MAtv and are now being broadcast in rotation. The initial free-viewing period has expired but you can view the episodes here.  The two extended versions available this month are episodes 3 and 4.

Episode 3Classe d’accueil.  The period between the 1970 FLQ crisis and the second referendum in 1995 was intensely traumatic. Hundreds of thousands of Quebecers packed their bags and left.  Meanwhile a new wave of English-speaking immigrants arrived, fully aware of the social and political upheaval, and willing to adapt to the evolving social contract.  Learning French became a priority – in English-schools for those permitted by Bill 101, or in French classes d’accueil.

Episode 4Crashing the Party.  Immigrants who arrived during the years after the 1995 referendum have a stronger sense of belonging in Quebec than immigrants from earlier waves of immigration. It might seem counterintuitive that people who have only lived in Quebec a few years feel more at home than families that have lived here for decades or generations, but they did not face the same turbulence. They are assertive about their expectations from Quebec and the need to address new social issues beyond language.