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Waves of Change & What We Choose to Remember

Guy Rex Rodgers and Ian Ferrier on the final day of shooting for What We Choose to Remember

Waves of Change 

The final pair of extended Waves of Change videos is now available on ELAN’s YouTube channel. You can read an article about Waves of Change by Deborah Rankin in Montreal Times.  Next, the team turns to creating a subtitled version of the series in French.

What We Choose to Remember

Final shooting for the feature length documentary was completed on January 18.  Ian Ferrier shared his memories of the FLQ (Front de libération du Québec) from its debut in 1963 as a separatists group willing to use violence to establish an independent Quebec through to the traumatic crisis of 1970s. Walter Chi-Yan Tom shared his memories of Quebec’s turbulent 1995 referendum and the impact on the Chinese community of Jacques Parizeau’s comments blaming the referendum loss on ‘l’argent et le vote ethnique’.

The production team for What We Choose to Remember is currently editing the film in preparation for its premier at the Hudson Film Festival this spring.