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ArtistsInspire $1500 School Grants: Offering 300 English public schools engaging Arts & Culture Experiences in 2020-2021, whether virtual or in-person

ELAN ArtEd’s Team is working hard to prepare for and communicate the 2020-2021 ArtistsInspire experience with educators, featuring multiple, sustained interactions with experienced Artists adept at virtual facilitation.  Please help us by sharing the ArtistsInspire website with educators you know across Quebec and encouraging educators from qualifying schools on to contact us for more information by email at artistsinspiregrants@quebec-elan.org or phone at 438-979-1171.

While there are many unknowns for the upcoming school year, one thing is certain: the arts help us to understand ourselves, others, and events in the world. ELAN ArtEd’s Team is prepared to ensure Artists can offer high quality arts and culture experiences to teachers and students on-line and in-person throughout 2020-2021. 


How are we preparing Artists for the Year Ahead?

ELAN ArtEd is working hard to support artists during these challenging times. In addition to promoting ArtistsInspire to educators for the 2020-2021 school year, we are helping artists prepare for virtual facilitation through:

  • Development of the Virtual ArtistsInspire Facilitation Guide for Artists based on experience gained during spring-summer 2020 in our Online Youth & Family workshops
  • Discipline-specific Virtual Facilitation Learning Conversations 
  • Individual coaching and practice sessions with artists in preparation for upcoming virtual workshops 
  • Supporting ArtistsInspire artists in obtaining educational discounts for tech and software upgrades

We are also offering artists support in addressing important and potentially sensitive issues when working with children and youth. This includes:

  • Continuing to offer training in mental health as it relates to children and youth
  • Supporting artists’ learning on issues faced by BIPOC and LGBTQ+ youth
  • Promoting facilitation of creative sense-making activities by minority Artists who want to engage youth through their experiences


How will the program work this year?

All English public schools are eligible for one ArtistsInspire $1500 School Grant. Any educator/ staff member from the school can Connect with an Artist and apply for and plan an ArtistsInspire interactive Arts & Culture experience. Whether virtually or in-person, Artists facilitate at least two interactive sessions during which students create art led and modelled by the Artist.

The ArtEd Team is working in partnership with arts and education organizations, including:

  • LEARN for the ten Quebec English School Board Association Boards, 
  • Inpath for the Cree Schools and
  • Youth Fusion for Kativik Schools

In addition, we are partnering with non-profit arts organizations Black Theatre Workshop, Geordie Theatre, LEARN’s I Belong! Initiative, Poetry in Voice, and more, extending schools’ Arts & Culture experiences by combining programs and funding sources.

Finally, in addition to offering one grant per school, we are offering grants to students participating in distance learning (offered by school boards to students with medical exemptions to school attendance) and students being homeschooled.


Let’s work together to bring quality arts experiences to our children, youth and communities whether on-line or in person! For more information and inspiration see:

To stay in touch and receive info on grants and deadlines: