ArtistsInspire School Grants Deadline Suspended – Schools Can Now Apply Any Time!

ArtistsInspire School Grants Deadline Suspended - Schools Can Now Apply Any Time!

How do we stay connected in a world pandemic? Bringing teachers, students and artists together virtually or in-person allows us to create unique and meaningful projects. These experiences connect, revive and inspire us!  The students in this project came up with 97 ways to Stay Connected.”

Stay Connected, an ArtistsInspire project facilitated by Emily Read with the Grade 6 students at Carlyle Elementary School


The ELAN ArtEd team feels that Art and Artists are crucial to staying connected in these unprecedented times. To make connecting Artists and Schools as easy as possible, we’ve suspended the School Grant deadline. Schools can now apply for their 2020-21 ArtistsInspire Grant anytime this school year. See our ArtistsInspire Virtual Workshop Catalogues for Elementary & Secondary Schools or Connect with an Artist to explore amazing possibilities for high quality, interactive Arts & Culture experiences in every discipline: 

What exactly does Art have to offer schools and students in these times? Our Artists are eloquent on this topic, as you can see on the ELAN ArtEd YouTube channel: 

Film, Photo and Digital Media: Jessie Curell of Hands on Media, Chris Alsop, Alyssa Kuzmarov

Dance: Kerwin Barrington, Luca ‘LazyLegz’ Patuelli, Sonia St-Michel

Music and Sound: Rob Lutes, Louise Campbell, Geremia Lodi, Guillaume Jabbour

Literary Arts: Jason Selman, Monique Polak, Raquel Rivera

Theatre Arts: David Hickie, Maggie Winston

Visual Arts: Jessica Houston

A reminder about our previous good news – this year only, our funder has agreed to help us reach as many students as possible as follows:

  • Schools that did not apply in Year 1 may have two grants = $3000 for one or two Artist(s)/Arts Organization experiences.
  • Combined Elementary/High Schools can have two grants. Please contact us to apply for your second grant.
  • Three Virtual campus teachers per board can apply for a grant. Contact Christie Huff at elanarted@quebec-elan.org to organize.

Want to help? Let’s work together to bring quality arts experiences to our children, youth and communities whether on-line or in-person! Forward this link to schools and teachers who may be interested or share our Facebook post with your community.

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Developing students’ creativity through Artist-facilitated virtual or in-person Arts & Culture experiences is what we do! 




Yours, the ArtEd team

Barbara von Thaden, Christie Huff, Guillaume Jabbour & Louise Campbell