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Call for Video Production

Call for Video Production

This fall and winter ELAN will be shooting a number of group interviews with ten participants in 2-hour sessions. We are calling for a quote for a single group interview, with the understanding that the same procedure and cost structure will apply to the final number of group interviews to be filmed.

Ten participants will be seated in two semi-circles for each group discussion to create the ambience of a spontaneous, free-flowing conversation. The cameras will be placed in the centre of the two semi-circles shooting outward. The interviewer/group animator will not be on-camera.

One fixed camera will capture a wide shot of five participants, another camera will capture a wide shot of the other five participants. A third camera will film close-ups of the person speaking. Smooth transitions will be facilitated by using the mic as a ‘talking stick’. As it moves from speaker to speaker the principle camera will have time to refocus on the new speaker.

Group interviews will have a 2 hour duration max. A copy of the complete conversation will be made available to ELAN staff who will select excerpts for the final edit. The video producer will use the select excerpts to make a presentation video of approximately 15 minutes duration.

We are calling for a quote broken down into three components:

  • Preproduction (consultation with ELAN staff, preparation for shoot, incidental costs such as making copy of complete shoot)
  • Video Production – half day shoot
  • Post production – editing 15 min video plus insertion of logo, text graphics etc.

If you have questions contact Guy Rodgers at guyrodgers@quebec-elan.org
Deadline for Submissions: October 15.
Email submissions@quebec-elan.org