We are currently updating and reviewing this page to provide the most current resources and information.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our lives in many ways and ELAN recognizes that this is a stressful period for everyone. ELAN staff will continue to work virtually in order to continue our services. Please note that our hours of operation may vary day-to-day.

In response to COVID-19, ELAN is working to amass as many resources and tools for Quebec’s artists, cultural workers, and the public at large (when applicable). Please check back in for more updates.


Health & Safety

Funders, Emergency Funds, & Job Listings

Major Art Councils

Film / TV / Media


Other / Multidisciplinary / Miscellaneous

Discipline Specific Support & Resources

Centre de Création O Vertigo

DTRC – Dancer Transition Resource Centre (CRTD – Centre de ressources et transition pour danseurs)
A national charitable organization to help dancers transition into and within professional performing careers. Also operates as a resource centre for the dance community and general public and support activities that improve the socioeconomic conditions of artists across the country.

National Arts Centre (Centre National des arts)

Régroupement Québécois de la Danse (RQD) 

Studio 303 


Behind the Scenes
Providing financial assistance to entertainment technology professionals in need.

Canada Media Fund

Canadian Cinema Worker Fund

A unique charity aimed to support the health and well-being of individuals in media, marketing, and communications throughout Canada


Sur Place
A collective of filmmakers, sound artists, graphic designers, and content producers

Writers Guild of Canada
Professional association of Canadian English-language screenwriters.

CIMA – Canadian Independant Music Association 

Crew Nation

Guild des musiciens et musiciennes du Québec – The GMMQ (ENG/FRE)
Advocacy and resources for musicians

Music Manager Forum – Canada

Resident Advisor 


Unison – Benevolent Fund / Funds de Bienfaisance
Non-profit and charity that provides music professionals counselling and emergency relief services.



Website for professional photography profiles

MOMENTA – Biennale de l’image

Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels du Québec (RAAV)

  • Webpage
  • Le Fonds Serge-Lemoyne
    Emergency financial assistance for visual artists
  • Classe Virtuelle: Démystifier les foires et les salons. Comment bien se préparer pour en tirer le maximum

Réseau Art Actuel

Young Space
Promote, supports, and collaborates with emerging contemporary artists

Quebec Writers Federation 

Pandemic University

Writers’ Trust of Canada
A not-for-profit that supports Canadian writers at every stage of their careers via finance, recognition, and valuable time and space to create transformative work.

Housing, Legal Services, Delivery Services, Food Services, and Miscellaneous

  • NOVAlex
    Part law firm / part legal clinic. Representing low-income individuals, nonprofits, and start-up businesses
  • Montreal City Mission Legal Clinic
    Free legal assistance, rights advocacy for vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals in the domain of refugee and immigration law.
  • Grey Casgrain Avocats
    Law firm
  • ACT 2 End Racism 
    Asian Canadians Together. A coalition of concerned citizens and organizations of Asian descent who are focused on addressing COVID-19 related racism
  • Connecting Families
    Free internet for low-income families
  • Imagine Canada 
    Resource for Canadian non profits. Regular news updates and notices regarding the coronavirus.
  • MTL AirCare
    Fundraiser to subsidize AC for low-income Montrealers

Ways to Help

Share helpful information and resources with ELAN!
Email us at 

  • Héma-Québec
    Blood donations are important, especially during a pandemic. If you are healthy, please consider donating your blood.
  • Offer your venue space 
    Should governments and healthcare organizations need spaces for testing, blood donations, etc. Would you be willing to offer your cultural venue?

If you are wondering how you can be of service while maintaining your safety, consider volunteering virtually. Feel free email us with more virtual volunteer opportunities at:

Education & Learning

Fun & Light-Hearted

  • Festival Accès Asie
    Virtual festival celebrating asian art and artists from April 30 – May 31
  • Just for Laughs 
    May 21 – 24
    Beginning May 22, OFFTA will take place remotely with live art encounters, acts and performances envisioned by the artists
  • TËNK
    Platform for streaming documentary films (FR)
  • Isolate/Create
    A free resource providing creatives with digital assets to spark creativity and inspire digital collaboration, all while still practicing responsible social distancing and helping flatten the curve during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • jammr
    jammr lets you play with musicians over the internet. It lets you jam together online whenever you want with a community of musicians across all styles and genres.
  • JamKazam
    Using JamKazam, you can now play music with other musicians from your homes across the Internet as if you were sitting in the same room. You can record your performances at the track level, share your recordings, and even broadcast your live sessions to family, friends, and fans.
  • NACO Lunch Breaks
    Showcasing one of the National Arts Centre Orchestra’s musicians every weekday at noon (12:00pm EDT).
  • Tour du Québec – #musiquebleue | solidarité musicale
  • Urgent Live (7pm ET Fridays, ongoing)
    A series created to support Toronto-based musical artists and DJs affected by event cancellations.
  • Virtual Music Events Directory

COVID-19 Impact Feedback

ELAN is collecting information regarding how COVID-19 is affecting the arts sector to share with federal, provincial and municipal governments so that artists’ losses can be mitigated. The pandemic and its consequences will be with us for some time. If your situation changes, please send an updated questionnaire.

Please share this form with your artistic communities.