Made au Québec.

Québec artists in the spotlight!

Made au Québec follows media coverage of the arts scene that lives and thrives between two cultures.

During the past two decades, an English-speaking arts community has become increasingly visible in Quebec, with major international recognition for such artists as Arcade Fire, Louise Penny, and Jay Baruchel. New faces are also popping up in visual arts, dance and theatre, coming from Montreal, the Eastern Townships, the Laurentians and other regions. Made au Québec offers a good place to begin discovering their work.

It also offers a flexible understanding of who is an English-speaker or who is a Quebecker. Many Quebec artists speak, create, play, write, work, and live in several languages. They come in all varieties: old-timers, newcomers, unilinguals, multilinguals, and people who transcend categories.

Made au Québec is proof that this community’s vast creativity is worth celebrating.

Made au Québec was developed with the financial support of the Government of Canada.