Mission and Mandate


The English Language Arts Network (ELAN) is a meeting place for English-language artists and cultural workers of all disciplines from every region of Quebec, where they can share expertise and resources, build audiences and alliances, seek support, advocate for their interests, and make common cause with the Francophone arts community.


The English Language Arts Network (ELAN) connects artists, cultural workers, and arts organizations from all disciplines and regions of Quebec, fostering a strong community for members.

A non-profit organization, ELAN promotes the vitality of Quebec’s English-speaking artistic community, and supports its members with direct services and benefits, as well as through mobilization and representation.

ELAN makes common cause with the French-speaking cultural community to champion the multifaceted benefits of culture, and the interests of cultural workers. ELAN encourages an evolving Quebec identity that includes artistic, cultural, and social diversity.

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ELAN’s projects connect and support creative communities throughout the province.