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Summary of Arts Associations presented at Connect: Networking Event forBusiness-Minded Artists

This document summarizes some of the arts associations presented at Connect: Networking Event For Business-Minded Artists on November 14, 2019. The event, organizedby ​YES Montreal​, presented an opportunity for attendees to connect withbusiness-minded artists while a panel of cultural workers offered resources and tips.

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Grant Writing Workshop

from Performing Arts Market Access Savvy Sessions, a series of workshops for performing artists. This particular resource addresses artists of all disciplines and not only the performing arts. Led by June Park.

Workshop Abstract
This comprehensive, interactive workshop is designed to help you formulate clear, concise & compelling grants to maximize your chances of success. Learn how to structure & write a grant that will present your artistic project in the strongest light to potential funders, clearly articulate your artistic vision, find out about available resources, & participate in hands-on exercises using your own project/goal.

Useful Materials / Handouts

Writing an Artist Bio

from State of the Arts Affirmation Workshop on November 26, 2018 at ELAN’s headquarters, facilitated by Jennifer Broydell (ELAN’s Special Projects Assistant and Farah Fancy (Project Manager of State of the Arts)

Participants were given practical tips and guidance to write a stand-out and honest professional artist bio. Farah and Jennifer also led a reflection on the difficulties of writing a professional bio and some of the systemic reasons behind this. Paired with the workshop, this consultation session was intended to:

  • Improve our understanding of barriers artists face;
  • Provide individualized advice and guidance;
  • Brainstorm concrete actions to overcome the cited barriers.

Writing Your Bio

Writing Your Bio 1: How To Stand Out

Writing Your Bio 2: Enhancing Your Profile

Useful Materials / Handouts

Workshop slides

Self-reflective exercise

Bio-writing brainstorming questions