Arts Alive! Québec

Québec arts come alive!

Six Quebec regions, home to active English-speaking arts communities, have banded together to create exciting festivals in summer 2015 and 2016. Hudson, Quebec City, Huntingdon, Wakefield, Montreal’s West Island, and Knowlton have hosted weekend-long celebrations of Quebec arts and culture. In 2015, Arts Alive! events attracted over 5000 attendees.

Some weekends focus around a main venue and its environs. Others transform the entire town into a huge festival. The programming is highly individual, reflecting local tastes. There’s something entirely different at each region’s event – from local artists and visiting headliners to puppet shows, literary activities, contemporary dance, theatre performances, visual arts, chamber music, film, or even a Celtic party!

Arts Alive! Québec is an ELAN initiative made possible by the financial support of the Government of Canada.