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Short History of Broadcasting Advocacy – March 2018

Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec Strategic Plan Consultation 2018-2022

ELAN CRTC Brief on Broadcasting

2016 AGM Minutes

Press Release – Intergenerational Arts! ACE Initiative project in the Eastern Townships

Additional Notes from ELAN’s meeting with the Canada Council

ELAN Cultural Policy Brief March 2017

ELAN Member Questions – Canadian Council Responses March 24, 2017

Presentation: Montreal Cultural Development Policy 2017-2022

ELAN Community Consultation: Montreal Cultural Development Policy 2017-2022 INFO SHEET

Solitudes artistiques sur la scène québécoise (L’itinéraire, 2017)

Articles on Arts Alive! Québec – Teddy bears and vintage music (Montreal Gazette, 2016)

Read the article here:


Articles on Arts Alive! Québec – Multi region arts festival returns for 2nd summer (The Suburban, 2016)

Articles on Arts Alive! Québec – Arts Alive summer series closes with event in Pointe-Claire (CBC News, 2016)

Read the article here:


Articles on Arts Alive! Québec – English-Language Arts Network presents Arts Alive Québec (The Suburban, 2016)

Articles on the NFB Agreement (2015)

Diversity in discussion (The McGill Daily, 2015)

CALQ Information Session Slides 2016

CALQ Information Session Full Audio 2016






CALQ Information Session Notes 2016

Culture in the Schools – ELAN Application Guide (2013)

Please Note: This document was originally made in 2013 and updated…

ELAN Brief for Official Language Policy Review 2016

Brief – Canadian Content in a Digital World (2016)

CRTC Advocacy – Lettre au Télé-Québec

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