A Year in Review: Québec Relations Project

It was an exciting year for the Québec Relations project which continues to help individuals and organizations find and access Quebec arts funding. Nick and Francisco continued to help folks with funding consultations and referrals for grant assistance AND they managed to redesign and relaunch the Quebec Funding Search Platform – a tool which helps artists learn more about what funding is available to them. 

From January 1st – December 1st, Québec Relations provided 148 Consultations (+29% compared to 2021) and 84 referrals for grant assistance (+47% compared to 2021).

As well, they continued to connect with the community by moving into the next phase of research into community funding needs and experiences as well as the impact of COVID-19 on their activities. The QR team sent surveys to over 250 English-language arts and culture organizations across Quebec.

 They partnered with SODEC,  le Secrétariat aux relations avec les Québécois d’expression anglaise, June Park, Services Québec and more for a series of webinars and workshops over the year.

An Overview of the Year of Webinars and events

Jan. 27: Webinar – Introduction to Services Québec’s Resources for Organizations

Feb. 23: Webinar – Introduction to SODEC Programs for Film w/ Loaded Pictures’ Sergeo Kirby

Feb. 24: Presentation at ISED Canada Dialogue Day

May 25: Presentation at English-Language Community Exchange Session hosted by le Secrétariat aux relations avec les Québécois d’expression anglaise

Mar. 28: Presentation at YES Artist Conference 2022

Mar. 30 & Apr. 13: CALQ Grant-Writing Workshop w/ June Park

Apr. 22: Webinar – Ministère de la Culture’s Cultural Offerings in Educational Settings Program w/ Louise Campbell

May 26: Webinar – Anti-Oppressive and Non-Hierarchical Practices for Arts Organizations w/ articule

Jun. 14 & 16: Webinar – Introduction to the Machinery’s Toolbox w/ La Machinerie des Arts

Sep. 14: Funding Opportunities for Publishers Workshop w/ AELAQ, SODEC & June Park

Sep. 22: ELAN Regional Schmoozer in Chelsea, QC w/ Membership Dept.

Oct. 6: Drop-in Session for Culture in the Schools Repertoire Artists w/ Louise Campbell

Nov. 2: CALQ Info Session for Arts Organizations

Nov. 24: Webinar – Launch of New and Improved QR Funding Platform 2.0

Dec. 8: Webinar – Collective Entrepreneurship in the Arts w/ SEEnet

To learn more about Québec Relations, to book a consultation, or to search funding opportunities with our search tool, click here.