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The English-Language Arts Network (ELAN) is a not-for-profit organization that connects, supports, and creates opportunities for English-speaking artists and cultural workers of all disciplines from every region of Quebec. We share expertise and resources for career advancement, funding opportunities, employment opportunities, and calls for participation in the arts. We advocate for our members’ interests, and make common cause with the Francophone arts community.

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ELAN is an arts network comprised of artists and organizations in a broad variety of artistic disciplines across Quebec. Get to know your peers, find collaborators, and discover the members of the ELAN community.


Through our diverse projects, we create opportunities for artists to connect with industry leaders, explore unique partnerships, and connect the arts with community wellbeing.

ArtEd’s Mental Health Initiatives

ArtEd’s Mental Health Initiative aims to better equip Teaching Artists in meeting student needs. The project offers Teaching Artists professional development in Mental Health through learning communities targeting children and pre-teens ages 5-14, youth ages 15-29 and seniors ages 65+. This project is funded by the Community Health And Social Services Network (CHSSN).

Québec Relations

To ensure that English-speaking artists can thrive in Quebec and contribute to the vitality of English-speaking communities, there is a need for better communication and relationship-building with decision-makers and program managers in Quebec. The Québec Relations project now seeks to develop better working relationships with relevant agencies and ministries of the provincial government.

Community Digital Arts Hub (CDAH Studios)

The Community Digital Arts Hub (CDAH) project was an initiative of the Arts, Culture, and Heritage Co-leaders and ELAN. It offers artists and arts & heritage organizations across disciplines access to a professional studio space outfitted with photo, video, sound recording and editing technology at affordable rates.

CDAH offers technical support to individuals and organizations in producing high quality digital media as well as training opportunities and equipment rentals.



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