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The English-Language Arts Network (ELAN) is a not-for-profit organization that connects, supports, and creates opportunities for Quebec’s English-speaking artists and arts communities.

What We Do

Through our diverse projects, we create opportunities for artists to connect with industry leaders, explore unique partnerships, and connect the arts with community wellbeing.

We host a number of networking events throughout the year, such as our regular Schmoozers, to connect artists across communities and provide learning opportunities. We also work with funding bodies across all levels of government to share information on available funding for artists and encourage artists to apply.

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Celebrating 15 Years!

Through 2019-2020, we celebrate ELAN’s 15th anniversary as a non-profit serving English-speaking artists across Quebec …

This includes  the continued successes of projects like the ACE Initiative and ARTS2U, the introduction of new multi-year projects like ArtistsInspire Grants and Québec Relations, and, inspired by feedback from our members, the launch of the Creative Resilience mini-series on Arts & Health.


By joining ELAN with our Pay-What-You-Can membership, you become a part of the largest network of English-speaking artists in Quebec!


ELAN’s projects connect and support Quebec artists and communities to create incredible art.


ELAN regularly meets with government and community leaders about issues concerning funding, market access, community broadcasting, and diversity.

Latest News

Jimmy Baptiste Mural
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We Belong Together: Celebrating Quebec English Communities

Join us on May 30 from 12PM to 5PM, at Concordia’s 4th Space and online via Zoom for a celebration of Quebec’s English-speaking communities. ELAN is partnered with  six other community organizations for a multi-year project about identity…
Banner for Letter from the Director
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Letter from the Executive Director, May 2022

Happy spring everyone! There is such excitement in the air with so many live events and gatherings scheduled, it is time to put on our best and brightest outfit, leave the house (I know - but you can do it) and enjoy some amazing Quebec culture.   …
Banner for Quebec Relations Anti Oppressive and Non-hierarchical structures for arts organizations webinar
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Québec Relations Webinar: Anti-Oppressive and Non-Hierarchical Practices for Arts Organizations

Are you interested in implementing anti-oppressive practices within your arts organization? Our next Québec Relations webinar is for you! Join us on May 26th from 5 to 7 PM as we welcome representatives from articule, an open-access artist-run…
Year 3 James Lyng High School Oracle Productions Image of Students in front of a mural shooting a video
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ELAN ArtEd’s Youth Mental Health Initiative

Supporting Students Through Supporting Teaching Artists As Teaching Artists, we are often alone, carrying deep emotional experiences the youth share with us or dealing with conflicts or complicated group dynamics. This is a very meaningful…
Jimmy Baptiste Mural
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Teaching Artists As Art Educators, Community Members And Role Models

Teaching Artists hold a special place in schools as guests who bring new and exciting ways of relating with students. When a Teaching Artist returns to the same school for multiple projects, they become members of the school community, developing…

Community Feedback

We would like to invite our members and communities to provide feedback on our work. Please feel free to send us an email to