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In collaboration with Seniors Action Quebec, and funded by Heritage Canada, we present We’re All In This Together: a web series and community collaboration that aims to connect and inspire isolated English speaking seniors across Quebec.

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Connect, Support, Create

The English-Language Arts Network (ELAN) is a not-for-profit organization that connects, supports, and creates opportunities for Quebec’s English-speaking artists and arts communities.

What We Do

Through our diverse projects, we create opportunities for artists to connect with industry leaders, explore unique partnerships, and connect the arts with community wellbeing.

We host a number of networking events throughout the year, such as our regular Schmoozers, to connect artists across communities and provide learning opportunities. We also work with funding bodies across all levels of government to share information on available funding for artists and encourage artists to apply.


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Celebrating 15 Years!

Through 2019-2020, we celebrate ELAN’s 15th anniversary as a non-profit serving English-speaking artists across Quebec …

This includes  the continued successes of projects like the ACE Initiative and ARTS2U, the introduction of new multi-year projects like ArtistsInspire Grants and Québec Relations, and, inspired by feedback from our members, the launch of the Creative Resilience mini-series on Arts & Health.


By joining ELAN with our Pay-What-You-Can membership, you become a part of the largest network of English-speaking artists in Quebec!


ELAN’s projects connect and support Quebec artists and communities to create incredible art.


ELAN regularly meets with government and community leaders about issues concerning funding, market access, community broadcasting, and diversity.

Latest News

We're all in this together quebec
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We're All In This Together: Two New Episodes!

As we start the new year, we’re celebrating the release of We’re All In This Together’s first two episodes! Episode one features mother and daughter-in-law duo, Hainya Wiseman and Linda. Check out this charming video and learn how…
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SELFIES (Seeing English-Language Families in Engaging Situations)

ELAN is producing a series of short documentaries about identity and belonging in Quebec’s English-speaking communities. The videos feature participants in five Discussion Groups based on waves of immigration. In December, we had fascinating…
ELAN board meeting via zoom
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ARTSCAST is now accepting submissions! 

ARTSCAST is now accepting submissions for our 2021 arts and culture Live Broadcast Series. The public wants to see your show, and ARTSCAST wants to host it! We are specifically working with community events and independent artists in the New…
Québec Relations: Helping You Come Back Stronger in 2021
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Québec Relations: Helping You Come Back Stronger in 2021

Québec Relations was here to help you weather the storm in 2020. In 2021, we’re stepping up our game so you can come back stronger! We all know that accessing grants from arts funders and other government bodies remains crucial to not only…
ELAN ArtEd: ArtistsInspire School Grants deadline extended to January 15, 2021!
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ELAN ArtEd: ArtistsInspire School Grants deadline extended to January 15, 2021!

"Arts in general are needed now more than they ever have been. It requires problem solving and thinking out of the box. It teaches technology. It promotes continuous learning. And at the core of it all is teamwork. The sky is the limit in terms…
ELAN board meeting via zoom

Director's Message - January, 2021

Zoom screenshot of an ELAN board meeting circa spring, 2020. Left to right / top to bottom: Karen Cho, Guy Rodgers, Blair MacKay, Louise Campbell, Bettina Forget, Paul Bracegirdle, Tim Piper, Kakim Goh, Li Li, Swati Khanna, Deborah Forde, Roger…

Community Feedback

We would like to invite our members and communities to provide feedback on our work. Please feel free to send us an email to admin@quebec-elan.org.

460 Sainte-Catherine West
Suites 706 & 708, 917 (Quebec Relations)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3B 1A7
Phone: (514)-935-3312

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ELAN is an official minority language organization within a country that recognizes two languages as official. ELAN is located in Tiohtiak:ke, the original name for Montreal in Kanien’kéha, the language of the Mohawk—also known as Mooniyang, which is the Anishinaabeg name given to the city by the Algonquin. While we are based in this city, our projects have also taken place in many regions across Quebec.

We acknowledge the colonial origin of English and French in Canada, and recognize that both languages benefit from official status throughout the land. The province that we know as Quebec is an amalgamation of the traditional territories of the Innu and Inuit nations, Algonquian nations, as well as the Mohawk nations of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. Kanien’kéha and Anishinaabeg are but two of the original languages of this province; Atikamekw, Cree, Inuktitut, and Innu-aimun are also among the many Indigenous languages spoken across Quebec as majority languages, all well before French and English.

ELAN acknowledges the important work being done by First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples to revive the traditional languages of these territories, and their advocacy for the official status of Indigenous languages.