ArtEd Initiatives

ACE Initiative & ArtistsInspire Grants

ACE Initiative

From 2018-20, ACE is providing facilitation and coaching to support school leaders, community partners, arts organizations and artists from 20 schools across Quebec to plan and implement ACE projects. ACE projects take place over an extended time period, are cross-curricular and achieve education program goals in multiple subject areas.

ArtistsInspire Grants

In 2019, ELAN launched the ArtistsInspire Grants (AIG) program in collaboration with LEARN as a new source of funding for official-language minority schools to hire artists. The $1500 ArtistsInspire Grants will enable students and teachers to participate in hands-on creative experiences about and in the arts.

Arts and Education are natural partners. The benefits for students in developing identity, creativity, and self-expression are well documented.

Arts-based projects positively impact self-esteem, community and school pride and participants’ connections with each other, across generations and cultures—outcomes that are vital to individual and community well-being.

Why Does ArtEd Matter?

Capacity Building

increasing autonomy and skill among project coordinators, educators, individual artists, and other stakeholders to collaboratively design and implement projects; developing knowledge and skills needed to leverage funding available from ACE/AIG.


not only between artists and schools, but between school boards, community and non-profit organizations, government representatives, around shared goals.

Cross-sectoral Collaboration

strengthening connections between arts and education professionals, helping artists and educators understand each other’s terminology, needs, and perspectives.

Artist Profiles


artist profiles created by August 2019

“The ultimate goal of the program is that through the hands-on creative experiences that artists facilitate, teachers, students and community members in the province are inspired to develop their creativity capacity in ways that lead to individual and community outcomes for learning, wellbeing and socio-economic development.”

– Lead Consultant, Christie Huff

Connect with us!

If you are an artist who is interested in our programs, please contact us through We want to connect with every artist who identifies as a member of the English-speaking communities of Quebec and has experience working in school settings.

Latest News

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Learning and Planning Together to Connect with Youth

    Good Shepherd ACE Team with project design template. Photo by Paula Knowles. By ArtEd Lead Consultant, Christie Huff. ELAN’s ArtEd program had a very busy October as we connected with hundreds of Artists and Educators.…
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ArtEd Initiatives Begin the 2019-20 "Connect" Phase

In 2016, ELAN developed a project to explore how the organization could support its network of Artists in connecting with schools across the province.  Funding from the Government of Canada enabled ELAN to design, test, and scale strategies…
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ACE Artists in Education: Jimmy Baptiste

Jimmy Baptiste is an Arts Facilitator, Muralist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Graffiti Artist who facilitated an ELAN Quebec ACE project at Richmond High School, in Richmond, this Spring. Below are his reflections on the project, and on…
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ACE Lessons Learned: How ELAN Art Ed Artist-Residencies in Rural Communities Benefit Artists

ELAN Quebec’s ACE Initiative connects artists with schools all over Quebec. Sometimes, artists are paired with schools in regions that are located far away from their hometown. This provides intercultural exposure for both the artist and the…
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ArtistsInspire Grants (AIG) launched by ELAN, in partnership with LEARN

ELAN launches ArtistsInspire Grants (AIG), a $2.2 million investment for Quebec official-language minority schools to create arts and cultural opportunities. Visit the new AIG website at ELAN Quebec, in partnership with…
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ACE Lessons Learned: An Inspiring Intercultural ACE Project in the Cascapedia Bay

When actor, playwright and performance art facilitator Laura Teasdale first came to New Richmond for an ELAN ACE Initiative project, both she, and the teachers, were unsure of what the project would look like. Everyone was instead concerned…
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ACE Artists in Education: Laura Teasdale

Laura Teasdale is an actor, playwright, musician and drama teacher hailing originally from the Maritimes who has facilitated two ELAN ACE projects, one in the Eastern Townships and another in the Maria, Gesgapegiag, and Cascapedia/St. Jules…
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ACE Lessons Learned: The Impact an ACE Project had on a Student-Journalist

A key component of an ELAN ACE project is to encourage multidirectional learning. Inviting a student-journalist into a project to document its progress is a great way to empower leadership skills in younger people, and have the artist and the…
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ACE Lessons Learned: Ways to Implement Multidirectional Learning in an ACE Project

Lisan Chng, of MosaicJam International, says that for her, the community atmosphere and self-confidence that grow out of facilitating artistic practices are just as important as the creative practice of mosaic-making itself. Community-building…