Members who wish to be featured in Artists Illuminated should be available for:

  1. An interview! This may be done in person or by email communication. In-person interviews will take 60-90 minutes long. Interviews can be scheduled at our office, coffee shops, workplaces/studios, and other public places. Please inform us if you are not comfortable with an audio recording of your interview. Depending on the availability of our staff, we will not always be available for an in-person interview.
  2. Instagram exhibition. Participants are invited to share a stream of images on the ELAN Instagram account for one week. This is an opportunity to give ELAN followers a glimpse into our members’ creative lives! We ask that participants share 5-7 photographs, with a caption to accompany each photo, as well as photo credits. Photos must be JPEG or PNG files, and must not exceed 8MB in size.
  3. Please note that there is a selection process. We prioritize representation and aim to feature artists of diverse backgrounds and disciplines. Interested candidates should expect a preliminary conversation over email or phone before receiving an interview confirmation.

It is our intention to give artists the freedom to express themselves on our platforms. However, we will not post any content that is deemed offensive. ELAN reserves the right to make this judgement before posting.

  1. Please mention any upcoming projects or shows that you would like to promote so that we can consider time sensitive information when planning our feature stories.
  2. Provide us with any social media handles / official websites you would like us to share.
  3. Send in 6-7 photos and/or videos with captions and photo credits (full name of photographer). These will be shared over Instagram.
  4. We will only be doing one feature per month, so if there is an upcoming project you would like to promote, please let us know in advance.
  5. We are only profiling active ELAN members, member organizations, and partners. If you are not a member, please refer to our Membership Page for more information.
  6. Interviews may be done in-person (only at public venues) or if preferred, over email.

Sign up for Artists Illuminated by sending us an email at:

I’m not comfortable using Instagram. Can I still take part?

If Instagram isn’t your thing, we can work around it. Do you have 5-7 photos that you can send us electronically? We will post the photos on your behalf. In addition, we ask that you provide us with small captions to accompany each photo so that we are sure to publish accurate information.

I have an upcoming show/project/event that I would like to promote. Can you interview me ASAP?

We will do our best to accommodate promotion for upcoming items but it may not always be possible. Artists Illuminated Shorts! may be a better alternative as it requires little time to prepare and share publicly. We ask that you contact us well in advance if you want to showcase something that is time sensitive.