Offres de bénévolat

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New to town? Recent graduate? Looking to meet new folks? Looking to learn more about the arts community? Volunteering in the arts is an incredible way to get involved in the Quebec English-language arts community. Details below for those looking to share a volunteer opportunity.

General / Multi-Disciplinary

Heritage Montreal pursues its mission to protect and promote Montreal’s heritage thanks to the efforts of over one hundred volunteers. Join their team of dynamic volunteers and share your passion for Montreal! Click here for details

Place des arts has ongoing volunteer opportunities and is currently looking for summer camp volunteers. Click here for details

Festival Arts Saint-Sauveur is looking for volunteers. The success of the Festival is largely based on the commitment and dedication of many volunteers. Click here for details

Fringe Festival is seeking volunteers. Click here for details

Film / Video / Media-Arts

Main Film has ongoing volunteer opportunities. Would you like to invest time in your community? Develop your network? Become an active member? Click here for details

The Montreal International Black Film Festival is seeking volunteers. Do you want to gain experience in an international cultural event that highlights diversity? Do you want to share your skills, your work, and your spirit? Click here for details

Spectrum Productions has many opportunities for individuals that want to give back to the community, gain a unique experience and help mentor young artists with their creative endeavors. Click here for details

Festival cinéma du monde de Sherbrooke is looking for volunteers.Come and participate in the festival and experience a rewarding and memorable adventure with the whole team! Click here for details

Visual Arts & Galleries

Musée National des beaux-arts du Québec has various areas in which volunteers may give their time. Click here for details

McCord Museum is looking for volunteers passionate about Montreal, Quebec and Canadian history. Would you like to share this interest with others? If so, become a volunteer guide at the McCord Museum! Click here for details

Espaces Impatients is always welcoming volunteers, as their  organization relies on the contribution of volunteers in order to maintain our activities. Click here for details

The McGill University Health Center invites volunteers to help with archiving and documenting art and artifacts within the MUHC hospitals. Click here for details

The Musée maritime du Québec is always in need of support to host activities, offer guided tours, greet visitors, set up exhibitions, maintain the ships, archive documents and hold activities in keeping with its mission. Click here for details

Writing & Publishing

Volunteer for The Gift of Reading program.Each year, the Foundation needs volunteers to promote The Gift of Reading program at the Salon du livre de Montréal, and for other regional book fairs. Occasional assistance at our offices is also appreciated. Click here for details

Literacy Unlimited has ongoing volunteer opportunities for various positions. Click here for details 

Editors/Réviseurs Canada is a non-profit organization whose activities are largely volunteer based. Volunteers in our branch are supported by the National Executive Committee and by the Executive Council of Editors Québec.Become part of a great community – volunteer for Editors Québec! Click here for details


Centre des Musiciens du Monde is growing and looking for volunteers. Registered as a not-for-profit organization, they need your help in order to succeed in accomplishing their mission of providing support for encounters and exchanges between musicians of different cultures and the public in Montréal. Click here for details

Theatre & Performing Arts

Geordie Theatre is looking for volunteers. Whether taking tickets, selling merchandise, or showing patrons the way around the theatre, they can always use a helping hand. Click here for details

Theater BTW  is always looking for volunteers to help out. Don’t forget any one person who volunteers on 3 occasions will receive a free ticket to our Mainstage production! Click here for details

Each summer Repercussion Theater gathers a group of people from all ages and backgrounds to help us bring classical theatre to parks across Montreal and beyond. Click here for details 

Centaur Theater Company is always seeking volunteers. Do you love theater? Do you love Montreal? Do you want to tell the world about that? Join the dynamic team at Centaur Theater and celebrate the power of the performing arts. Click here for details


Want to share your volunteer opportunity?

If your arts organization, institution, or festival is looking for volunteers to help out, please remember that this is the English-Language Arts Network and our mandate is to support artists and organizations who are working primarily in the English language in Quebec. We are happy to share opportunities with bi/multilingual requirements, but this isn’t the best place to share unilingual French positions. If you have an opportunity you would like to share here, please contact us by sending a message.