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ArtistsInspire School Grants: Supporting Youth Mental Health Through The Arts

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“[Spoken Word Artist Rachel McCrum] brought us each agency, by helping students discover the power of words to be able to shape one’s experience of struggle… [M]any students cite Rachel’s virtual visits and lessons as the most valuable learning they did this year.”Chateauguay Valley Regional High School’s English generalist Kimberly Hardy

Supporting Youth Mental Health is of particular concern to the ELAN ArtEd team. Click here to read this ArtistsInspire Stories & News article for teachers’ observations of the ways in which art-making helped their students develop resilience and support their mental health.

From the Artist’s perspective, Visual Artist Emily Read, says of her ArtistsInspire project with Carlyle Elementary School Stay Connected,


“How do we stay connected in a world pandemic? Bringing teachers, students and artists together virtually or in-person allows us to create unique and meaningful projects. These experiences connect, revive and inspire us!” 


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