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Post Pandemic Action Research, Issues and Ways Forward

With restrictions being lifted to allow singing and dancing in Quebec venues there is some cause for celebration. There are still concerns for international artists as the pandemic continues to impact many jurisdictions and it is clear that we cannot look at the pandemic in the rear view mirror. Producers are continually adapting to the changes in restrictions so that health and safety measures are rigorously maintained. Amidst the changes, ARTSCAST has released the Post Pandemic Action Survey and the project will begin organizing results collected.

The Artist and Producer survey will gather responses to give a representation of the current state of affairs with regard to the relaunch of live events along with additional opportunities to include digital value added options including live streams and digital packages. Questions follow areas of concern including, the state of affairs due to the pandemic, data and communications, audience expectations, artist expectations, digital packages, and future support for arts initiatives.

The report is being funded by ISED (Innovation Science and Economic Development, Canada). If you have not been contacted to be part of the survey ARTSCAST will reach out to ELAN’s network of arts producers across disciplines. You can also send an email to