Communications Committee Role and Mandate:

The communications committee has three main roles:

  • Oversight of Communications Plan targets – Targets are to be reviewed every 6 months by the committee, who can then provide guidance and suggestions for improvement in ELAN’s communications channels. The committee may also help add to and revise the Communications Plan as necessary.
  • Crisis communications strategy – With social media moving fast, negative information can spread quickly (e.g. public letters and criticism). The Crisis Communications Strategy would help ELAN staff decide how to act in the case that ELAN was involved in a controversy. The Committee is mandated to develop and support the implementation of this strategy.
  • Feedback and ideas – The committee is composed of a team of creative people that provide a valuable resource for communications strategies and ideas that would help guide ELAN staff.

The Communications Committee is mandated to meet 4 times per year. Policy development and urgent matters can be discussed amongst committee members via e-mail in between meetings.