ELAN was conceived in November 2004 at the Quebec Arts Summit in Montreal. More than 200 artists, government officials, and other representatives of the English-speaking arts milieu came together for the first time to discuss supporting artists and cultural workers in Quebec’s official language minority community (OLMC).

In the preceding three decades, hundreds of thousands of English-speaking Quebecers had left the province. Around the new millennium, a new spirit of optimism began to emerge. English-speaking artists wanted to break down old stereotypes, identify common ground, and consolidate links with French-language communities. The challenge was to build a sustainable community and create conditions that would empower English-speaking artists to stay and thrive in Quebec.

Guy Rogers speaking at a Conference




A new spirit of optimism began to emerge…

Participants at the Quebec Arts Summit concluded that an English Language Arts Network could help meet this challenge. With the support of sister organizations the Quebec Drama Federation (QDF), the Quebec Writers’ Federation (QWF), and the Association of English-Language Publishers of Quebec (AELAQ), the wheels were set in motion.

ELAN was incorporated in April 2005 with initial funding from the Canada Council for the Arts and the Department of Canadian Heritage (PCH) through the Interdepartmental Partnership with the Official Language Communities (IPOLC) program.

Since 2005, ELAN has built a repertoire of activities to support and celebrate Quebec’s English-speaking artists of all disciplines, regions, and backgrounds. Through networking events,  ELANews (monthly email newsletter), needs assessment surveys, and major projects like the Arts Alive! Québec community festival series, ELAN has worked to bring Quebec artists closer together and spread their work far and wide.

Over the years, ELAN has made exciting progress by:

Provincial Advocacy

ELAN regularly presents briefs during cultural policy discussions, and is often called to meet with government and community leaders on issues that matter to artists, like market access, community broadcasting, and cultural diversity.

Building Community

Celebrating Artists

We connect artistic communities across the province, from our Arts Alive! Québec festivals, to the Market Access program for visual and performing arts, to partnerships with Fringe, the CBC, and so much more!

Discover where ELAN started!

What does the future hold?

15 Years of ELAN: History Series

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