ELAN’s projects create opportunities for Quebec artists working in English to connect with industry leaders, explore unique partnerships, and connect the arts with community wellbeing. Our projects are designed to respond to community needs and to help nurture the English-language arts community in Quebec.

Decorating a pot - artist with a young student

ArtEd Initiatives

Arts and Education are natural partners. The benefits for students in developing identity, creativity, and self-expression are well documented. ELAN’s ArtEd Initiatives include the ACE Initiative and the ArtistsInspire Grants. Click below to see the overview and updates for both projects.

Artist with a child adding water to a decorated pot in a classroom

ArtistsInspire Grants

In 2019, ELAN launched the ArtistsInspire Grants (AIG) program in collaboration with LEARN as a new source of funding for official-language minority schools to hire artists. The $1500 ArtistsInspire Grants will enable students and teachers to participate in hands-on creative experiences about and in the arts. The link below redirects to the ArtistsInspire Grants website.

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ARTS2U is a feed of arts and culture events listings. Information about arts events is compiled into a structured database and fed to media for display on their websites, and directly to arts audiences, saving producers time and by-passing marketing intermediaries. ARTS2U is currently being developed in partnership with other arts organizations, through surveys, creative partnerships, and hackathons.

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CDAH – Community Digital Arts Hub

The Community Digital Arts Hub (CDAH) project offers artists across disciplines an appropriate studio space outfitted with photo, video, sound recording and editing technology which is accessible to both organizations and artists for affordable fees. The digital studio will offer technical support to assist artists in producing professional quality work as well as training opportunities for artists to build their own digital production capacity. The Hub will serve artists as a resource to increase the value of Quebec produced digital productions. It will also house our digital production team who are committed to content development of Quebec artists and the international release of Quebec produced digital media offerings. The project is funded by Heritage Canada.

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Québec Relations

To ensure that English-speaking artists can thrive in Quebec and contribute to the vitality of English-speaking communities, there is a need for better communication and relationship-building with decision-makers and program managers in Quebec. The Québec Relations project now seeks to develop better working relationships with relevant agencies and ministries of the provincial government.

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We’re All In This Together

We’re All In This Together is a web series and community collaboration between ELAN and Seniors Action Quebec, with a mission to connect with and inspire isolated, English speaking seniors across Quebec during the pandemic.

Waves of change text and graphic

Waves of Change

What characteristics define that nebulous character – the English-speaking-Quebecer? Is it determined by history – the number of years/generations that your clan has lived in this territory? Is it about language? Are your Anglo-Québécois credentials strengthened by adding French-language skills, or diminished?  Who decides that you belong in Québec? Do you have to wait to be accepted, or can you make your own decision and stake your claim anytime you’re ready?

ELAN’s Waves of Change documentary project takes a deep dive into the thorny question of identity and belonging in Quebec.

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Past Projects

Since 2005, ELAN has built a repertoire of activities to support and celebrate Quebec’s English-speaking artists of all disciplines, regions, and backgrounds. Through networking events,  ELANews (monthly email newsletter), needs assessment surveys, and major projects like the Arts Alive! Québec community festival series, ELAN has worked to bring Quebec artists closer together and spread their work far and wide.

The future is bright.

Through projects, advocacy, and many other activities, ELAN is committed to helping artists and communities contribute to Quebec’s unique cultural life. Become a member now!