Québec Relations

To ensure that English-speaking artists can thrive in Quebec and contribute to the vitality of English-speaking communities, there is a need for better communication and relationship-building with decision-makers and program managers in Quebec. The Québec Relations project now seeks to develop better working relationships with relevant agencies and ministries of the provincial government.

What’s Available?

Collect data about programs offered through Quebec’s ministries and agencies

Who’s Applying?

Collect data about applicants and recipients of support programs


Identify problems and service gaps, and community needs

Surveying the Community


surveys sent to Quebec-based arts organizations.

The scope of this project will focus on collecting data on arts organizations rather than individual artists. We’ve sent electronic surveys to over 250 Quebec-based organizations across a variety of disciplines, with respondents falling under five categories: associations, companies, festivals, production organizations, and venues.

Survey Responses

Get Involved!

If your organization is interested in participating in the survey and subsequent focus groups or interviews, or would like to receive future updates on the project’s progress, get in touch!

What’s Next?

Identifying Funding

In order to help address the needs communicated in these survey responses, ELAN has identified over 100 funding sources at the provincial level, from funding bodies such as CALQ, SODEC, the Ministry of Culture and Communications, the Ministry of Tourism, and Emploi-Québec.

Improving Accessibility

ELAN is in the process of translating program documentation and formatting the summarized information to make it easily accessible for English-language arts organizations in the future.

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