State of the Arts is a community consultation aimed to better understand how we as artists, cultural workers, arts organizers, funders, and audiences are all connected, and how we can help each other strengthen our arts community together through thoughtful collaboration and meaningful exchanges.

ELAN recognizes that there are many rapidly evolving conversations regarding access, inclusion, working conditions, economics, appropriation, and other barriers that prevent our community from thriving.

Through this project, we commit to actively listen and find practical ways to recognize and validate the diverse experiences of artists who speak in English and who make up an important segment of Quebec’s evolving identity.

State of the arts will take place primarily in Tiohtiá:ke (Montreal) on unceded Kanien’kehá:ka territory. Tiohtiá:ke, now inhabited by a diversity of Indigenous Nations and settlers, was historically a gathering place of many Nations. We would like to acknowledge that as settlers, we the organizers were not invited to Tiohtiá:ke, but we are honoured to have the opportunity to live here and to host these events.

Through State of the Arts, we will:

  • Compile and share existing resources

  • Build relationships in Montreal and the Regions

  • Have in-person and online conversations...

    …to learn more about your needs, wants, barriers, and actions

  • Host a one-day event on February 28, 2019

    Save the date!

  • Identify and support meaningful opportunities and initiatives...

    …that emerge from our conversations

Contact Farah Fancy – or Amy Macdonald –
for more information about ELAN’s State of the Arts project.


Your engagement is important! This information will remain confidential, and will be used to help ELAN understand barriers and identify concrete solutions for a more equitable arts community.

Individual artist survey
This survey will take approximately 10 minutes and is open to artists of all disciplines (members and non-members). Please note that this survey is only available in English, however responses in French are welcome.

Organization survey
This survey will take approximately 10 minutes and is open to artists of all disciplines (members and non-members). Please note that this survey is only available in English, however responses in French are welcome.

Upcoming Activities & Events

Affirmation Workshops

are designed to meet your needs.

Assertion Sessions

are designed to amplify your voice.

Activation Conference

aims to establish actions for long-term impact.

Activation Conference

is intended for anyone interested in cultivating creative solutions, finding ways to mobilize, amassing resources, identifying needs for capacity, building networks, and being proactive in a fun and positive atmosphere that will constructively and productively affect the current State of the Arts in Quebec.

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SOTA-PEP Pitches
Congratulations to…

Aaron Solomon – OPEN
Art Nomade and Maggie Winston – OPEN
Louise Abbot – REGIONAL

This conference will include:

  • A teach-in on how to collaborate ethically with First Nations, Metis and Inuit artists.

  • Break out sessions on themes including:

    The Well-Being of Artists, Artists in Schools, Artists and Identity Politics, Funding, Accessibility in the Arts, and Connecting Across Sectors and Regions.

  • Collective resource sharing and building.

  • Networking opportunities to make meaningful connections.

Activation Conference: Live Notes

SotA Activation Conference Live Notes: Whether you missed the conference or just want to refresh your memory, you can review the key points discussed during the each of the conference sessions. Documents contain notes on the presentations, questions from the audience, as well as useful links to shared resources.You can view signed in with your Google account, or you can remain anonymous by opening the documents while signed out of your account.


November 26, 2018


Assertion Session
January 21, 2019


Assertion Sessions
February 7, 2019
1 & 2


Assertion Session  – for New Media & Digital Artists!
February 19, 2019


Assertion Session  – for First Nations, Inuit, and Métis artists of all disciplines
February 17, 2019

Resources for Artists

More to come!

Funding Acknowledgments

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.
Nous remercions le Conseil des arts du Canada de son soutien.