About Québec Relations

When the project first launched in 2018, Québec Relations had one primary goal: to improve the flow of information between the ministries and funding bodies of the Government of Quebec and the English-language arts community. Through extensive research and documentation, we worked to help members of the community to better understand the services and funding sources available to them.

Now in its fourth year, the project has grown to encompass two main areas: its continued research phase, where surveys, focus groups and consultations allow us to better understand the community’s needs; and its resource phase, where we turn that research into action to help meet those needs. Based on in-depth feedback from surveys and focus groups, we’ve been able to develop resources such as:

Over 190 Grant Programs

on our searchable Quebec funding platform

  • Over 190 Quebec Grant programs for arts organizations and individual artists
  • Information summarized and translated into English
  • For many grants, this site is the only place to find this info in English

Free one-on-one funding consultations

and grant-writing assistance for Quebec-based grants

  • in our first year alone, we provided over 120 consultations with artists and organizations in the community
  • 66 went on to work with our team of grant advisors on a provincial grant application
  • Assistance with CALQ, SODEC, Ministry of Culture, etc.

Capacity-building webinars and workshops

live and archived

  • Guidance through the provincial arts funding system
  • Help incorporating your collective as a not-for-profit
  • New workshops added to the calendar regularly
  • New webinars added below!

“Thank you a million times for ELAN’s support! It’s seriously career-changing.”

“I’m glad I attended the session. It was very informative. I have renewed hope. I’m going to try CALQ again. I tried years ago and gave up.”

“I have to say I am blown away by the workshops and resources offered by ELAN, including today’s Grant Writing Workshop.”

“Thank you Nick and Guy for the Herculean task you have accomplished in creating this comprehensive information platform. Navigating the plethora programs can be overwhelming, particularly in a second language, so this will be very helpful.”

Latest News

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Québec Relations: Culture in the Schools Repertoire – Submit Your Application with Our Help! (Deadline: Feb. 16, 2023)

We’re pleased to announce that the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications’ Culture in the Schools Repertoire is once again accepting new applications from artists and writers until February 16th! The Repertoire includes the profiles…

Did You Know?

In 2010, ELAN established a working group on Arts, Culture and Heritage with federal decision-makers.

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