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ELAN will be 14 this year. Arts organizations are similar in many ways to human beings; in their infant stage, extremely high maintenance, giving little back in return. During ELAN’s first couple of years, it was difficult to give away free membership. People would ask: Why would I join ELAN? What do I get? The short answer was: Not much. Services cost money and it is difficult for a service organization to obtain funding if it has no members. Fortunately, many artists and cultural workers grasped the idea of what ELAN could become and gave us their moral support.

Canada Council and the Department of Canadian Heritage were willing to risk giving ELAN some financial support, which enabled steady progression from baby-steps to confident strides to an impressive series of leaps. During the past year ELAN has come of age, diversifying our funding sources, multiplying the projects and services we can offer, and doubling our staff with the addition last November of Naima Phillips and Sufia Duez.

Now when people ask – Why would I join ELAN? What do I get? – we have some good answers, but the past is only a prologue. New resources empower us to plan services and programs never before possible, which will be of value to ELAN’s members. New resources enable us to reach out to artists and cultural workers who have never heard of ELAN.

We have many ideas about where ELAN can go in 2018 and beyond, and interesting activities planned for the coming year. Reading our newsletters and following us on social media are great ways to learn more about our exciting developments. I hope that many of you will join us in this coming-of-age re-visioning process.

Guy Rodgers
Executive Director


CCOV & ELAN Schmoozer

Monday, February 5 6-8 PM
CCOV (175 rue Saint Catherine West. 3rd basement.
Montreal, Quebec)


All attendees MUST RSVP before attending the event.
Email us at admin@quebec-elan.org to confirm your presence.

Centre de Création O Vertigo and ELAN come together to bring you the CCOV & ELAN Bilingual Schmoozer. French-speaking and English-speaking dancers artists of ALL disciplines are welcome to meet, greet, learn more about CCOV, ELAN, and each other!

Centre de Création O Vertigo is proud to bring you DANCEOKÉ! The CCOV community is passionate about dance, so of course, we’re gonna get our groove on! Danceoké is similar to karaoke: music videos featuring easy-to-follow choreographed dances will be projected on a screen for all of us to follow and dance to!

Not confident about your dance moves? Don’t worry about it. This is a fun ice-breaking activity and no one is obligated to participate, however, participation is strongly encouraged!

CCOV and ELAN community! Be sure to sign up for Minute Market! The first 10 members to contact us at admin@quebec-elan.org will be given a minute spot to market their latest projects and/or upcoming events! Additionally, don’t forget to bring a door prize! Ideas include: tickets to your next show; a CD of your performance; or something completely different!

Early in the event, Minute Market participants will be paired up (one English-speaker and one French-speaker per pair) to discuss their new projects with one another. During the Minute Market presentation, each person will present the project of the artist they were paired with. Remember, each participant has 1 minute to speak (2 minutes per pair).

ELAN has plans for other interdisciplinary bilingual schmoozers in Montreal and is always looking for partners in the regions to help organize local schmoozers. Feel free to contact us (admin@quebec-elan.org) if you have ideas!

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Consultation on systemic discrimination and racism in culture and media

The Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse (CDPDJ) has selected Diversité artistique Montréal (DAM) to hold a local consultation on systemic discrimination and racism in the cultural and media sector. DAM will hold this consultation with Culture Montréal, the English Language Arts Network (ELAN), and Espace Nodal.

The consultation will be held in both official languages and will take the form of two types of activities between November 3 and 8. This will encourage all cultural and media stakeholders to voice their opinions. The activities will include public hearings (Nov. 8) and closed discussion groups (Nov. 3-7) to provide a safe space for testimonies. It will also be possible to post anonymous testimonies on the CDPDJ website.

Racialized English-speaking artists, cultural workers, media professionals, students, cultural development stakeholders, and citizens are welcome and encouraged to contribute their stories. Please consult the call for participation for more information. The deadline to register is October 29.


For more information:

Call for participation – click here
Discussion group registration – click here
Public hearings registration – click here


Other ways to participate:


Read DAM’s press release here.


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