Inclusion Committee Purpose, Mandate, and Functioning:


The Inclusion Committee has 4 principal roles:

  • Projects (e.g. developing ELAN’s Inclusion Policy)
  • Advocacy (e.g. seats on other committees, attending events on behalf of ELAN)
  • Consultation (e.g. guidance on matters submitted by ELAN staff)
  • Compiling resources
  • Commitment to awareness of issues, organizations, events, and news related to inclusion; and to share and exchange this knowledge as needed


The Inclusion Committee was mandated by ELAN’s Board to develop an inclusion policy for ELAN. Once this policy is completed, the mandate may shift. In the meantime, committee members are speaking from their own experiences and ELAN’s mandate with respect to Inclusion issues.


The committee shall meet 5 times a year, or every other month except during the summer months. Projects that require more time, such as the Inclusion Policy, will require extra meetings as needed.

It is recommended when possible that a guest who is working on important inclusion projects in the community be invited when appropriate.