Mental Health Initiative

Student artwork created with Teaching Artist Patrycja Maksalon

ELAN ArtEd’s Mental Health Initiative supports Artists in their professional activities, with a special focus on equipping Teaching Artists in meeting student needs. Workshops and materials are offered on mental health as it applies to artists and mental health as it applies to Teaching Artists working with children and pre-teens ages 5-14, youth ages 15-29 and seniors ages 65+.

Since 2019, the Mental Health Initiative has reached:

→ +170 Artists, of whom 95 work as Teaching Artists

→ +18 000 people of all ages

Creative Care for Artists

Creative Care for Artists aims to support the mental health and well-being of artists in Quebec through workshops, events and podcast series offered by health professionals and community members.

What does mental health and wellbeing mean as it relates to artists? Hosted by musician and teaching artist Louise Campbell, the Creative Care podcast dives into fostering one’s own creativity, mind-body connection, community building, and risk factors for burnout and addiction. Guests Adela Kwok, Alyssa Kuzmarov, Andy MacDonald, Ariana Pedrosa, Emmanuelle Meunier and Guy Rex Rodgers share their experience and knowledge based on their multifaceted careers that weave together their passion and skills as artists with their respective work in community, social work and various creative art therapies.


The views expressed herein are based on the experience and professional training of each guest, and supported by information on mental health and wellbeing that were current at the time of recording in March 2024. These views do not necessarily represent the views of ELAN or CHSSN. This podcast was recorded at ELAN’s CDAH, with mixing by Tyler Rauman and editing by Ariel Piermont. Music featured on this podcast was composed, performed and produced by Louise Campbell.

Mental Health Initiative for Teaching Artists

To find Teaching Artists who have received CHSSN Mental Health Initiative training, see:

For evidence-based guides and research on supporting mental health through the arts, see:

For teaching artist rosters and funding opportunities, see:

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… These workshops create a community for Teaching Artists so that we can support each other to learn and grow in our work with youth and as artists.”

– Filmmaker and social worker Alyssa Kuzmarov leads the Youth Mental Health Initiative. 

[pursuing creativity] is a great way for people to support their own wellness, and that’s not necessarily to say that it has to be, you know, deep and profound all the time. It can just be plain fun.” 

– Musician, teaching artist and project lead Louise Campbell, Interview, The Blank Canvas, 2023.

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