• How can you protect the artworks that you create to prevent infringement in a digital era? Find out at YES Montreal’s Copyright Essentials workshop on NOVEMBER 15.
  • YES Montreal provides free Group Coaching for Artists throughout the year on different themes. This session’s theme is Networking, hosted on NOVEMBER 30. 


Visual Art

  • Life model sessions at Métèque Atelier d’art take place every Monday in November. Drawing materials are included as well as artist coaching facilitated by ELAN member Venus Lukic.

The Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse (CDPDJ) has selected Diversité artistique Montréal (DAM) to hold a local consultation on systemic discrimination and racism in the cultural and media sector. DAM will hold this consultation with Culture Montréal, the English Language Arts Network (ELAN), and Espace Nodal.

The consultation will be held in both official languages and will take the form of two types of activities between November 3 and 8. This will encourage all cultural and media stakeholders to voice their opinions. The activities will include public hearings (Nov. 8) and closed discussion groups (Nov. 3-7) to provide a safe space for testimonies. It will also be possible to post anonymous testimonies on the CDPDJ website.

Racialized English-speaking artists, cultural workers, media professionals, students, cultural development stakeholders, and citizens are welcome and encouraged to contribute their stories. Please consult the call for participation for more information. The deadline to register is October 29.


For more information:

Call for participation – click here
Discussion group registration – click here
Public hearings registration – click here


Other ways to participate:


Read DAM’s press release here.



  •  Sign up for Muriel Gold‘s writing workshop Capturing Memories: How to Develop a Compelling Story every Wednesday in October from 2-3:30pm. For more information, contact 514 – 989-5226.


  • YES Montreal is offering a FREE lunchtime seminars Funny You Should Say that: Influence with Humour (JULY 4).
  • Sign-up for YES Montreal’s free arts orientation session, Jump Start Your Job Search taking place on every Tuesday and Friday 2-4pm.
  • CUTV is offering free media productions workshops: Script Writing/Story Board (JULY 5, AUGUST 2), Lighting (JULY 11, AUGUST 8) Premiere (JULY 12, AUGUST 9), and After Effects (JULY 21, AUGUST 18).

Visual Arts

  • Sign-up for painting workshops in Hudson with Kathleen Conover, AUGUST 28-31. E-mail Kathleen directly for more information.