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ELAN’s Waves of Change Project: The Final Two Episodes

This month we release the final two episodes of ELAN’s Waves of Change project, a 200-year (1820-2020) oral history of Quebec’s English-speaking communities, created on the 50th anniversary of the FLQ Crisis. Waves of Change is a story about immigration, adaptation, multiple languages, and complex identities.

Episode 5 – Invisible Hoops (2010-2020) – features recent arrivals to Quebec in this 5th wave of immigration. Still discovering the unwritten rules and trying to figure out where they belong, this high-spirited group looks to the future with optimism tinged with questions about what they must do to truly ‘belong’.

Episode 6 – You Just Have to Find Them! – completes ELAN’s Waves of Change project with a regional  perspective that features 10 engaging personalities from the Eastern Townships, Lanaudière, Outaouais, Megantic County, Baie Comeau,  Abitibi-Temiscamingue, Gaspé, Magdalen Islands and the Lower North Shore. This group shares experiences from English-speaking communities that live in dramatically different circumstances from one another and from the metropolis of Montreal.

What is Next for Waves of Change?
The official launch will take place on June 10, 2021 in collaboration with five other community partners. The six Waves of Change episodes will be subtitled over the summer to make them accessible to our francophone neighbours, and we are in discussions with several partners about utilizing the videos in areas ranging from education to immigration.

We want to know how the Waves of Change videos resonate with your experience – whether your family arrived in Quebec generations ago or quite recently – and how you have negotiated your Québécois identity and sense of belonging. 

Please send your thought and comments to guyrodgers@quebec-elan.org

Previously released episodes are available here:
Episode 1 – Colliding Solitudes (1820-1945)
Episode 2 – Le Vote Ethnique (1945-1970)
Episode 3 – Classe d’accueil (1970-1995) 
Episode 4 – Crashing the Party (1995-2010)