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Year in Review: ArtistsInspire Grants

ArtistsInspire Grants have continued this year to bring arts projects from a broad range of disciplines into Quebec’s schools. In the 2021-22 year, 78 Teaching Artists facilitated 248 creative projects reaching a total of 24,000 students. Workshops for homeschoolers helped more students have access to these inspiring projects. The I Belong projects in partnership with LEARN Quebec helped empower students to explore their identity and sense of belonging to Quebec society through the arts. The 2022-23 school year is off to a strong start with over 87 projects planned so far!

Here’s an overview of the AIG activities from this past year:


  • Workshops for Homeschoolers: 10 different Artists facilitated a two-week workshop series reaching about 200 homeschooled Quebec students


  • 5 LEARN I Belong projects realized in partnership with AIG


  • Workshops for Homeschoolers: another 10 different Artists facilitated another two-week workshop series again reaching almost 200 homeschooled Quebec students
  • 3 Discipline-Specific Learning Communities for AIG Artists


  • By the end of the 2021-2022 school year 213 Schools had used at least one AIG
  • 248 x $1500 projects made possible 
  • 78 Artists facilitated an AIG project
  • Over 24 000 Students reached
  • Average satisfaction rating of 4.8/5 for both Artists and project administration


  • Guidelines and rates adjusted to match Culture in the Schools rate increase
  • New guidelines benefit Artists while maintaining high AIG expectations (repeated visits for maximum impact with students)
  • Response from AIG Artists – 96% wanted to return for another year of workshop facilitation


  • Recruitment of 15 new Artists and Arts Organizations
  • New AIG Digital Catalogue sent to 1246 recipients via MailChimp
  • 18 AIG Artists now also in Culture in the School Repertoire


  • Workshops for Homeschoolers: 10 different Artists facilitated a two-week workshop series reaching over 150 homeschooled Quebec students


  • 87 School Projects planned for the 2022-2023 school year so far!
  • We now have 796 followers on Facebook (110 new followers gained this year) and 522 followers on Instagram (130 new followers gained this year)