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ARTS2U Webinar: Developing Connections and Collaborations Among Digital Initiatives

LIVE ONLINE on January 14 at 1 PM (EST)

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Join us for our free ARTS2U – Developing Connections and Collaborations Among Digital Initiatives (DCCADI) Webinar, taking place as a moderated web conference. Moderator and theatre creator Johanna Nutter will host and interview an expert panel comprised of the DCCADI project team members. Experts will be ARTS2U Project Manager Daniel Webster, ELAN’s Executive Director Guy Rodgers, ELAN Program Manager Swati Khanna and Technology Developer Robert Brockie.

The Webinar will be open to the ELAN membership and to participants nationally in the DCCADI research project. This included artists and producers from all regions of Canada and from a range of arts disciplines. Participation is limited so please confirm you participation in advance of January 10th 2020.

Following a presentation by the ELAN panel and preliminary questions from the moderator, there will be a few pre-selected questions addressed to the panel, which should give a full understanding of DCCADI and ARTS2U. We will follow with live questions from those attending the webinar.

At the end of the webinar, we will be opening up beta access to all of those in attendance, and will give a brief tutorial how to sign-up for the ARTS2U site. We encourage you to provide your feedback on the webinar through  the online survey that will be made available to all participants.

ARTS2U is comprehensive arts event-listings in one place!

ARTS2U is a project for artists and producers to take back control of the data they create, and use the aggregated metadata to their advantage. The accumulated metadata and the aggregated user base becomes a resource to develop more effective sales, resulting in profitability for arts producers.

With the Developing Connections & Collaborations Among Digital Initiatives (DCCADI) project, ELAN’s ARTS2U has worked with Canada-wide digital initiatives in the arts. ELAN has forged strong relationships among similar projects with the review of data structures, research of commonalities, strategic alignments, and best practices. The ARTS2U & DCCADI initiative provides recommendations for the benefit of Canadian artists and organizations seeking to have increased visibility on digital platforms.