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Performing Arts Market Access Strategy

  • Sought effective ways to support market access for English-speaking artists in Quebec
  • 110 in-depth interviews were conducted with performers, and with arts producers, managers, and agents in the fields of dance, theatre, and music
  • Career goals and aspirations, barriers and opportunities, and gaps in professional knowledge were identified
  • Phase 2 of this work will be a 2-year implementation project (2016-18).
  • Funded by the Canada Council for the Arts


Grantwriting Workshops

  • Hands-on workshops delivered concrete tips and practical examples to familiarize artists with the process of developing and delivering successful grant applications
  • Montreal workshops included specific content for culturally diverse artists 90+ artists in the regions and in Montreal benefited
  • Participants rated the workshop 9/10 on average
  • Funded by the Canada Council for the Arts


YEAH! (Youth, Education, Arts, and Health)

  • Fostered province-wide connections between practitioners in these four sectors
  • Discussion groups with major organizations and with CHSSN (Community Health and Social Services Network) members produced a list of 12 of the most important issues among youth in various Quebec communities
  • Examples of successful projects and best practices were shared in an online directory accessible to remote communities
  • Funded by the Government of Canada


ACCORD (Arts & Community Culture On-the-Road)


State of the Arts

  • Two-day summit of 100 community leaders from several regions of Quebec, plus funders from three levels of government
  • Objectives: Evaluate causes of growth in the community, identify opportunities and challenges, bring together new partners and resources, raise the profile of English-speaking artists
  • ELAN’s role as artistic community catalyst was affirmed, but participants also recognized their own need to participate in creating strategies and developing projects
  • ELAN’s Minority Report book was launched, putting names, faces and accomplishments to a new generation of artists as a major force in Quebec culture
  • Two panel discussions on the future of English-language artists were funded by the Conseil des arts de Montréal
  • Funded by the Canada Council for the Arts, the Government of Canada, and Telefilm .